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A semi-canceled Game Maker RPG with 4-color Game Boy graphics and custom "retro" music. You play as a generic hero turned old man who seeks a cure for his "ailment." A simple RPG without tedious grinding, complicated statistics, and battles that are more action based. I am happy with the result so far, as it does capture the charm and simplicity of an old Game Boy game, but I'm afraid I have to shelf this as I move away from Game Maker... at least RPGs in Game Maker.

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I haven't touched this project in awhile because it was made during a bad period of life and also because I'm pretty much done with Game Maker. I enjoy what's done so far and I think I captured that Game Boy vibe from my childhood... however, I'm probably not going to release a demo at this current state. Some day I'll wrap things up, because I think it's unfair to not have something to show for all this work, but as of now I have no intentions of doing much.

That being said, I'm familiar with C++, Python, and some ActionScript now, and I think I'm beginning work on a spiritual successor of sorts to this project. Not enough info yet, but it too will be a Game Boy style RPG containing various ideas I've had floating around for some time. Hopefully it goes well.
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  • 07/18/2009 03:40 AM
  • 03/15/2010 05:08 PM
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I will play the heck out of this I assure you :-) It looks great :-) I'm very into the old school stuff!
Why?! Why must 98% of RPGs made in Game Maker end up canceled!?
It's not really the best for making RPGs, but right now I'm using colored versions of these graphics for a competition entry at another site. Not sure if this is canceled, because it has almost all of the groundwork done. Thanks :)
Graphics remind me of the FF Legend games, which were old GameBoy game charm and simplicity incarnate... I approve. And am eagerly awaiting a download.
I, too, await a download of this spiffy looking game.
fighter you are still doing shit. yessss
Yeah, I'm still around some places, but I hardly use this name anymore

Download wise, well... there is some much needed polish and some tweaking I need to do yet, and that will probably be 'when I get to it.' Probably not soon, but a Release Something day (if you guys still do that) would be a good time for me to sneak something like this out. ;)
Resident Terrapin
Gives me a throwback to older games like Final Fantasy Adventure. For your sake I hope this game is released...
I really like the game, please don't cancel it =(
a shame about the hiatus...
This really looks interesting.
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