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This game was made for the Sleigh the Competition! 2023 Christmas Game Jam. (https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/sleigh-the-competition-2023-christmas-game-jam.163226/)

Three days before Christmas, Jimmy and his family's maid, Mary, are enjoying the atmosphere of the season. However, Jimmy overhears it is Mary's last day, so he takes it upon himself to decorate the house as a farewell gift. Will Jimmy be able to give Mary a great surprise, or will he fail spectacularly?

It will take you roughly 10 to 15 minutes to finish.

This was my first holiday-centric game, so it was definitely an interesting experience since I usually build my games from story scenarios. I struggled to come up with a gameplay loop for this game at first; I was drawing a blank. Then, after much deliberation, I had an idea: to decorate the home. Since decorating your house during the holidays is a tradition, I thought it would make for a cool little puzzle game where you manage how much time you have, how many tasks are left, and a stress system to simulate the chaos of the holidays.


- Custom Art

- Chibi Art-Style

- Decorate the living room while managing Jimmy's stress.

- Reminisce seeing how Jimmy and Mary's bond was formed.

(If you find any bugs, let me know. )


Jimmy: The protagonist of the game. He is laid-back and doesn't take things too seriously. However, others are
in dire need of his help he summons the will to help out.

Mary: The supporting character of the game. She has a very cheery demeanor and is always willing to support others. She is known to be a hard-worker
much to her detriment.

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Minor Bugs

For starters the game doesn't remove the option to reminisce after you've used up all three uses of this option. As a result if you attempt to use this option a fourth time it causes the screen to go mostly black.

An issue that isn't that bad if you haven't moved particularly far away from the sofa since you can just reuse it again to wait out the remaining time before Mary returns. And you'll probably only run into this issue after you've completed almost all of the decorating tasks anyway.

The nativity scene on the other hand is an absolute mess of weird bugs. For starters the game doesn't instantly lock a piece in place when you put it in the correct position. This means you can push it past the correct square which will result in pieces locking down in the wrong spot when you reset the puzzle. In the case of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph they will be locked in whatever square you put them in. And yes if you use the run option you can push Mary to the left or right of dead center.

The angel on the other hand is even weirder in that she'll respawn in her starting position for the puzzle but be impossible to move. You can also move pieces over the stable in a way that probably shouldn't be possible.

And that's all of the bugs I noticed over the course of three runs through the game.
Thanks for reporting those bugs, @thesacredlobo. I went through and fixed those bugs.
I forgot to mentioned I posted the updated of the game, if you are interested in giving it another go.
I don't really see the point in playing it again considering I already recorded a Let's Play for the older version. Albeit that video isn't going public until early March.
So we're you able to finish the game?
Yeah. Though I only showed the best ending.
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