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Scary adventures inside the moonlit gardent!

Hello, players!
Today I am here with a recent game: Moonlit made by MegaTheVile with RPG Maker MV in 2024, a game that can be described as a dark survival horror adventure. And also a game that shows a distinct art style, if you look at the pics, and I won't deny that this was attracted me at first.
Now, the author wrote that this game is a love letter to rpgmaker horror games of the late 2000s... but I will let you play and see if this is true or not, anyway let's begins from the plot!

The game starts with a letter inviting Marin, the protagonist to meet at a balcony, despite the fact that there was some kind of argument between them. Anyway our Marin decides to meet this person (that did not sign the message) so she takes a lantern and proceed to walk through the infested moonlit gardens. Reaching the final area and the ending will finally explain what's going on...

Uhm... well, I am not so sure I will like this, to be honest!

Now, you will ask me, infested by who? Well, let's say spectres and other hideos creatures, and yes, our friend Marin is "armed" with just a lantern and nothing else, meaning that being touched by a monster means game over. Or also walking over a bear trap of course. Or... well you get it, a hit and Marin dies. While apparently there is no combat, this is not entirely true since there will be ONE single battle (using a classic rpgmaker system with Health and Sanity to replace Mana) and during the adventure we'll collect some special abilities.

Some ability and items (keys) found during the exploration of the various areas of the moonlit garden will be mandatory to progress through the three areas of the moonlit gardens. IF you can survive, of course, considered that Marin can dash to outrun enemies, but she has a stamina meter that limits this possibility!

Oh no! What happened to Marin's face? Well these things with shears will do even worse to her! Let's run!

Luckily God can help us! This is a sort of skeletal humanoid bird that act foremost as a save point, but there is a catch! You need to offer a sacrifice, dead birds, in order to save your game. Oh and you can also talk with God... and romance it, offer flowers etc.
I'mm stop here but the game has many secrets, some nice things and other nasty ones but play and see! It can be finished in about 30-35 minutes.

Visually the game is very good! Dark and creeepy, includes some body horror, some scary parts and others that are more surreal, in any case nothing is gratituous and it's well done. The custom made graphics reminds to me of the game Don't Starve for the hand drawn style, but there are also other parts like the surreal backgrounds and some weird creatures seemed to come from Gindìgiva/Middens.
The music is eerie and unsettling but there are also ambient sounds for the storm and the noises made by the various creatures. Again, all contributes to dark and scary atmosphere!

Decisions. decisions... what do you thing I chose, and what will you choose?

Final Verdict
Moonlit is a dark and short game, but I can tell that's not a game for everyone: many monsters will insta-kill you right in the beginning, so this game immediately start as a challenging adventure, and probably gets a bit easier gradually as the player experience it, learns how to survive and progress. The beginning is in fact a bit harsh if you do not know what to do and where you are supposed to go, but thankfully this is a short game, even if as I wrote, there is a lot to discover. Again, the main feature for me was the graphic and atmosphere, really powerful and unique. This is a pretty good survival adventure game, really recommended if you like the genre of course!