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Christine is a Magician who teaches at the university. Upon Receiving a letter, she is summoned to the city of Tredemy where a Detective by the name of Quinton is trying to solve a case. What secrets lie within this dark, rainy city?

This project is a remake of the 2016 "swap in the middle with you" event with Frogge.


- Planned character class choices
- Build up TP in battle to use special skills
- Explore areas in a magical realm
- Portrait art by https://twitter.com/KookaburahSan
- Music by https://www.alecweesner.com/rpg-music-complete-collection

Estimated demo runtime: 30 minutes

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  • 01/30/2024 10:05 AM
  • 04/09/2024 01:24 AM
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I just wanna quickly post about this, cause this was good.
expect some bias tho; I love Ocean's stuff
Ocean's stuff, always brings me back to the mid-late 90s squaresoft where anything Final Fantasy was cool?
Final Fantasy Tactics and FF7 were in the same breath and were new and interesting.

This demo is similar to that. Froggement's is good. It's a really small demo currently, but it kind of reminds me of the murder mystery game delsin showed us last year for the turbo graphics CD called "Private Eye Dol" released in 95' where each level played out like a stage play, and you moved the story forward by talking to each of the characters and they'd tell you what they know about the murder, through gorgeous animated facesets, voice acting or full motion FMV, further animating the world that you're exploring as you try to solve each murder - Fragments of the Mind is somewhat similar to this in format. it's not as murder mystery focused and it doesn't have voice acting, but there's a similar structure here, there's still a case that needs to be solved and there are some final fantasy elements and well thoughout battles attached to it.

It's really neat. The demo is very very short about half an hour long. But I enjoyed it a lot,
the demo ends right when it's getting really good - I really wanted to find out what happened to Sandra.

If you like Final Fantasy, Paradise Blue or anything Ocean has made over the past few years, definitely check this one out. There are games that got me into rpgmaker - froggments is the one that convinced me to stay with it.

Great stuff here, looking forward to more.
Christine is waifu material :3
Everyone needs to see the portrait art, it's really good
You're magical to me.
This looks amazing! :DDD
Resident foodmonster
Thank you all! Yeah it is a bit short but I wanted to reach a deadline I've set for myself. Any feedback will be considered and worked into the next build or final game!

And yes, I do need to post a Christine art, I'll do that soon!
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