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The name colorless sound strange and I have chosen the main graphic style for the overworld, town, castle to be 2-4 saturated colors per tile. Dungeons and side quest has their own graphical style. Such as the Mine dungeon only have 2 colors. Also, the name colorless seems to describe the characters of some enemy foes, who seems to break the fourth wall for some reason. Or is the plot of this is colorless... Or my sense of humor in this game is colorless.

BG info:

Anyway, I begun making this game last year during the summer. My tiling skill is pretty good, however my sprites needs work. The game was suppose to be completely black and white. However, I keep telling myself to color it... Until I started to put more colors into the game, and the game looks a lot better and has it own unique style.

The game:

It will contain at least 3 dungeons and some side quest dungeons.
It will be short, maybe around 2-4 hours of gameplay.
It will have secret skit, and enemies.

Plot: Some enemy kidnapped the princess, are you bad enough dude to rescue her?

Latest Blog

Still keeping my promise to release this

I'm almost done tinkering with this and about to release this within an hour for Release Something! Day 11.
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This looks pretty good yo :D
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
If this is Colorless Quest, why on screens are the colors? Shouldn't it be B&W?
The description explains it. It was initially was 2 colors, until I decided to use color. The main graphic style is saturated colors, but some area in the game, such as dungeons has it own graphical theme. Once I get into the mood(bipolar and all), I'll finish this one.
RMN sex symbol
But..But, there's color? Looks great and can't wait for the RS11 release!
I uploaded the game to this site earlier. It is pending.
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