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She's gone. Your sister, taken in the dead of night by three cultists. You tried to stop them, but to no avail. The last thing you remember from that night is the cold ocean, enveloping you in an icy darkness. Brought to Acadia, a weathered land torn by civil war, racial unrest, plague and natural disaster, the only lead you have is the cult. Whom can you trust? Where do you go? You have one mission; find your sister, and may whoever took her rue the day they did.

Azarine Heart is an open-world, top-down RPG with elements hearkening back to older games in the genre like "Morrowind", where rich dialogue and deep, story-rich quests are to be found in every cranny of Acadia. An active battle system will test your mettle, where skill and focus take priority over equipment and raw numbers, and there are enemies to be found in every field. Over 800 locations exist to visit, from soaring mountaintops to the deepest cracks in the earth; perfect places to bring the many followers willing to join you on your quest. With 7 factions available to join, you have great influence over the future of this odd, tainted isle...

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