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Play as the mime and climb the tower. Pretty simple story, straightforward, there is only one ending. There are a total of 3 floors and a final area. The creator of the tower, Cornflakes the Clown, may be up to something more behind the scenes, and it is told that only a Mime, (the sworn enemy of clowns) can stop him. Also there's plenty of tomatoes.
Make light conversation with various NPCs throughout the game.
Hostile creatures also inhabit the tower's halls, however.
Contains all original sprites and music made by me.
Uses the standard RPGmaker battle system. Also uses MV3d. The theme is mostly surrealism, with slight horror elements. There are also mature themes in this game.
There are 3 minibosses, one in each floor, and the final boss is in the last area. Overall, it is a short little weird game.

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