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A group of creatures known as Nightmares have begun attacking human minds and consuming them, causing mass hysteria and hallucinations. Tyler is a young boy who possesses the power of PSI. His mind is capable of detecting these Nightmares. However, will he be able to use his power to stop the Nightmares and save Magicant?

I'm going beyond RPG maker 2003's limitations with this project.
1. "Reactive Hits" Dynamic Battle System - Similar to MOTHER 3's Sound Battle, the player can hit the action key when the indicator appears to initiate combos.
2. Custom Menu System - A fully functional custom menu that is based on MOTHER 3's with significant changes. Each character is able hold 16 items.
3. MOTHER Elements - I will retain items, PSI, puns, and realistically any element that is unique to a MOTHER game; providing a familiar environment for returning MOTHER fans.
4. Actual Role-Playing - When you are navigating through a dungeon or area, you just don't walk around until you find the end point, you engage in puzzles as well.

Action Key= "Z, Enter, Spacebar" - Used for confirming commands, interacting with objects, dialogue.
Cancel Key= "X, Esc, C" - Used for canceling, running.
Menu Key= "Shift" - Opens up the menu.
Hero Select= "1,2,3,4" - Chooses a hero from 1-4 in that order.
Directional Pad= "D-Pad" - Choose selections, movement.

The plot has been dramatically changed from the last update. Instead of the War of Giygas, it will focus on the world of Magicant and the mind itself (fan based at least).

Mother2k3 Beta Preview 3

Latest Blog

Cancellation + Demo available

Hi everyone,
I'm probably several years late to announce this but Mother2k3 is cancelled. I recently recovered my old laptop that contained a demo for the game so I uploaded it if you're curious about what type of game I had planned to make if I pursued it long ago. It's a little outdated compared to what you see in the Preview 3 video but most of the mechanics and systems work fine.

Thanks for all of the support! I read the comments and I was touched to see so many people interested in the game. Since I now have the source material for the entire game, I might reuse it in a future project that's less ambitious than what I originally planned.
  • Cancelled
  • drgn_lord50
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 07/22/2009 08:51 PM
  • 06/30/2021 12:03 AM
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Not gonna lie, this looks pretty authentic so far. I'd like to see a video of the battle system and the menus though, just to see how authentic it is.
Looks pretty decent. I can't wait to play it.
Wow, finally somebody made a worthy fangame!
All the systems look spot on, and the battle interface looks great. However, based on the screenshots the mapping looks extremely underwhelming.
Wow, this is great.
It's not as good as Mother Savior, but still, for RPG 2k3, this is very good. I can't wait for the finished game.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
@Town Destroyer:

drgn_lord50 pours all of his efforts into designing and coding the CBS/CMS. Really, this is a pretty new project and almost no effort has been put into the maps. (The characters claim "the game designer got lazy")

It's been in development for really only a month or two, but in that time he's created a VERY solid interface for us to play with. The maps just don't look very pretty yet, and if you play the tech demo, there isn't much but an interface.

This game's battle system is fantastic and responsive. The on-map dashing, magic, and pushing system is incredibly innovative. All in all, from a technical standpoint this is going to be a hell of a game. He just hasn't gotten to the maps yet.

But this is going to be good. I know it. I can FEEL it *touches self*
Thanks for all the comments guys :D

@Town Destroyer
"Also, I mainly focused on the programming rather than the graphics..."
That's my excuse :P My mapping sucks either way though, haha.

Mother Savior was epic. I'm surprised you've played it as well. I'm just upset that it got canceled :(
member of the bull moose party
Holy shit - how is this possible?!
I suppose in a weird way I feel that Earthbound should be untouchable, but the amount of effort you put into this (and the seemingly good results you've gotten) make me have no choice but to encourage you.

One question: how many directions can you move in? Is it loyal to Earthbound in that respect? (not like it matters, I'm just curious)
@Cop Killa
I know the same way you feel. I don't expect my game to be as great as the man himself (Shigesato Itoi), however, he doesn't plan on releasing any more Mother games. He did mention in an interview that he "wanted to be a player" instead of making the game himself, so he encourages Mother fans to make their own fan game.

It will only be a 4-way movement. There is no pixel movement due to the amount of of work it would take to program a pixel movement on RM2k3. The original Mother had panel movement so I'm alright with it.
Wow, incredible battle system. That felt just like Mother 3.


I would change the switching characters in the menu system from numpad to the arrow keys (have "Z" be the selector instead). It's a hassle trying to reach for those keys all the time. I didn't really like the puzzles, but I like your idea of using PSI on the maps. I hope you go with that method.

Please continue this because it is really fun. =)
I also got annoyed with the #1-4 keys after beta testing several of the menu options. That will be my last thing on my to-do list since it is not a major problem. I was debating whether to keep the puzzles or not because I'm not a great puzzle maker. Also, there weren't many puzzles in the Mother series so whenever I repeatedly tested the puzzles, I felt that I was playing another game. Thanks for providing some feedback!
This looks great! I'm confused as to why the Starmen.net community didn't show any interest but then again, they've proven to be quite troublesome to the point where topics were closed so maybe that's a good thing.
Just gave this a play. It was pretty fun, if pretty buggy in areas. Do you know when the next demo will come out?
Yeah, I know the demo was buggy. It's also outdated...again. The next demo will come out around September?
One teeny problem. The combo system doesn't match the music like in mother 3. Could you fix that or would that be too complicated?
That is not a problem, that's the way it's suppose to be.
"1. "Reactive Hits" Battle System - Similar to Mother 3's Sound Battle, the player can hit the action key when the indicator appears to initiate combos. "

It's not exactly like it, just similar. Creating a combo system like Mother 3 is indeed possible (I found out while attempting) except I'm not great with beats and rhythm so it will fail.
Just tap your finger to the music. Makes it hella easier :D
This looks awesome! I'll try out the next demo. I'm also a big fan of Mother/Earthbound.
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