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Cancellation + Demo available

Hi everyone,
I'm probably several years late to announce this but Mother2k3 is cancelled. I recently recovered my old laptop that contained a demo for the game so I uploaded it if you're curious about what type of game I had planned to make if I pursued it long ago. It's a little outdated compared to what you see in the Preview 3 video but most of the mechanics and systems work fine.

Thanks for all of the support! I read the comments and I was touched to see so many people interested in the game. Since I now have the source material for the entire game, I might reuse it in a future project that's less ambitious than what I originally planned.


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Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
Thanks for sharing this! I had forgotten how slick this little demo was. I had fun playing through again, especially the debug room at the end.
Hey dude, it's been a good year since this post, but I'd LOVE to take a look at the project file to study some of it's event code. If youre cool with sharing the most recent (most likely unstable) build, I'd be honored lol
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