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This game is now being remade in Unity as Wilfred the Hero. This version is canceled.

Check out the RMN page here.

Game created for RPG Maker 2003 by Brandon Abley and Teo Mathlein with the initial objective of making a console-style RPG unlike any other created with the engine. Enjoy stunning artwork by Teo Mathlein and beautiful music by Brandon Abley. Features 100% user-created content and no RPG Maker 2003-default game systems.

This version of the project is currently no longer under development and the project has been moved to RPG Maker VX. This release is a version .99 of the first major section of the game, and will have a number of technical issues. Very few of them are known to be game-breaking or to cause program failure.

Go to www.brandonabley.com for any updates!

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This game is now being remade in Unity as Wilfred the Hero. This version is canceled.

Check out the RMN page here.
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  • maladroithim
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 07/23/2007 02:23 PM
  • 03/11/2022 05:22 AM
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RMN sex symbol
I can't believe this has had no comments, you guys don't know what a real game is! This is an unbelievable game Mala, seriously great job. I just wish Teo would come back to help finish this.
The download is down, real pity.
Ha! Weird. I wonder what happened?
When will the download be back up? I need this game. For my life.
Finally you have put this link :D
*click to edit*
Really cool game (like you didn't guess it just by looking at the screenshots), but the gameplay needs polishing. Much polishing.
I love music&graphic composition mix in this game. Graphics and music are really beautifull and make colourfull atmosphere. Skill system is really interesting. Gameplay with a lot of secrets and items to collect and hard battles. For me main characters are little strange but i think Rabbit and ??? are cool :) All minutes more in this game make i can't stop playing it. Hard to beat two red monsters. I'm stuck but don't want give up. One of most original games in 2k3
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I'd just like to say that this game was stylish in a way that is unmatched by any RM* game, period.

Yes, that's a hint to you game makers out there.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
404ing on this epic-looking download makes me very, very sad inside. I'm seriously shedding tears of blood right now.
Did you try going to www.brandonabley.com for any updates? I remember when we featured this game and people had issues with the download so someone uploaded it to megaupload or something. I'll dig around...

Also, why does this say "Production" for the status? I mean, really?
Man, the download finally worked for me, and I have to say, this game is pretty sweet. I only played for a little while, but it's really top stuff; the music, graphics, and the systems, altogether are just real awesome. I'm interested to see how this will be coming along in the VX engine, if it's being continued in that.
Absolutely stunning. I beat this, although On the final boss for this demo, Stregannira or something... I died the first time fighting her, and then when I loaded once more, I was forced to immediately fight again. The only problem I have with this is if you are no match for the boss you can't go back and train up to fight it again. Of course this can be avoided by the player if he saves into a different save slot, but this isn't always my first reaction. Anyway, great game! Keep up the good work!
To me, this was the best game made on RPG MAKER to me.Fully of good originality, and beauty, in everything...Music...Sprites...And the character personalities!!! Really good work there!

I just have a con, that is when you are going to fight a boss...You get to warning....And the save point in the situations is bad...
Also, when you leave some area, that you can't go back again, there should be some kind of warning...I couldn't get the swiming thing...And couldn't go back to get it...I still could beat the game, but i bet that would have helpd alot!!!

Everything else, just amayzing!!! Hoping forward to see the next release!!!
Keep the good job!

I would review it, but my english ain't that good, and they aren't accepted. But my rate to the game would be 5*.
I'm stuck at the very beginning of this game. Am I supposed to find a huge firefly? Am I suppose to kill that difficult monsters guarding the chest? Dunno where to go. :(
Aw, did I miss this game by 2 weeks? The download page says it has expired at the beginning of this month. Would be cool if the download was on RMN too.
If you can't find it anywhere else, I have a copy here.
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