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Everyone should play this RM gem at least once.

REVIEW: Wilfred the Hero (Teo Mathlein / Brandon Abley)

It's been a couple years now since I last played this gem of RPG Making, now let's see if the game has stood the test of time.

One thing is immediately apparent- the title screen doesn't have the default RM2k3 load screen, instead, it is a custom screen that says "New Story", "Bookmarks", and "Quit". The art style is similar to that in Sunset over Imdahl, which makes sense, since it's made by the same artist.

The intro starts off just outside the Evil Demon-Dragon's lair, which I assume is the final area. Therefore, the intro is actually referencing events that occur in Wilfred the Squire, a prequel to this game. You know you're in for a great experience when events are done that well. Wifred and Kyr-Stan have their own animations, rather than being in the default pose the whole intro. There's actually movement!

The inside of the final area is a lot more lush than expected, and yes, they even comment on it. This, along with Final Fantasy-caliber music (seriously), if not even better than some of the tracks in those games, and a custom system for stat and ability improvement- even if it seems a little overwhelming at first.

You use Skill Junctions to gain abilities, and start off in the center. The farther from the center, generally, the better the ability. However, some are considered UNETHICAL, which, yes, effects the alignment of the characters. Also, there are requirements for certain skills, keeping you from going for Hoi Polloi at level 3. I seem to remember it being slightly later to reach 25 Strength and Agility (you start with 10).

The first levels go fast. It only takes 5 EXP to reach level 2, after all. Just walk up a little bit, and the battle mechanics are explained. Nice. Don't worry about getting worn out from multiple battles, you recover fully after each battle. An important thing here- re-equip before encountering any battle. You will gain 2 strength points and 4 health points by doing so.

And the arena DOES have a purpose, contrary to what the guy says. Namely, if you've played the game before (as I have), you can use it to max out on stats (which occurs at or around level 9, if you don't buy a level or two). I do it to get 25 in Strength and Agility to use a certain power move. Oh, and if you use Ethical and Unethical skills, your characters' portraits will change (only in battle, though). I usually give Wilfred the Ethical ones and Kyr-Stan the Unethical ones.

So, here's the breakdown
Graphics (10) They couldn't be any better than they are now!
Sound (10) Among the best in an RPG Maker game.
Balance (6) It's a little off (nearly getting killed in the first battles), but still alright.
Atmosphere (10) Couldn't ask for anything better in RM.
Overall (9) Again, one of the top RM games.

Overall, Wilfred the Hero is an amazing game everyone should experience at least once.


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"This, along with Final Fantasy-caliber music (seriously), if not even better than some of the tracks in those games..."

NO. Sorry buddy, call me a jerk, but NOBODY beats Nubuo. NOBODY. It's just not possible. Brandon Abley is great, but he just like every other game composer ever, will never be as cool as Nubuo. EVER!
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Shoji Meguro might have something to say about that.
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