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I tried...

I'm still going to put up something for RS9, but unfortunately it won't be another demo.
Right now, I've been so strapped for time. I've just recently had exams, and with family over it's just been hectic so I haven't been able to really touch my RPG for more than 5 minutes at a time it seems.


Demo finally out (or coming, either one.)

Two months after the suposed release of my demo, I have finally submited it. Right now it's still pending, but when (or if) it's accepted, I hope everyone interested enjoys the demo.
The romance in my opinion is kind of sappy, but hopefully it's not complete trash. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate them.
Some custom sprites still haven't been made due to time and laziness, so some sprites will look out of place with others.
Right now my biggest battle is creating a working custom menu for synthesis. It's not included in the demo due to the event being an ass, so again, all suggestions are welcome.
The game consists of 3 parts. The demo covers the prologue and the beginning of part 1. My next demo will probably cover all of part 1.
Hopefully everything works as susposed to. Along with the game, I've also include (or at least I think I did) a bonus saved game file containing all four playable characters for you to see how their sprites function in battle (in case you cared.)
Now, until then, here is some cake.

And before anyone asks, no, I do not know who "Nicole" is.



I know I said I'd have a demo come out, like, eight days ago. I appologize to all who were curious about my game. The past weeks were very hectic, and Mother Nature erased my World Map (and several other important maps,) delaying me further. I will have a demo soon but I will not specify a date because most likely I will miss it again. I've added a Characters and Story tab to my game for any who were curious about what this game was about. If something doesn't make sense, hopefully, it will be answered in my demo.

Thanks for your patience,



Release date for Demo (Hopefully.)

I have decided that I will hopefully release a demo by Monday, August 10. This isn't definate being that school starts for me soon so I will have less time to work on it. While I'm writing this, I will also address some other concerns.
First of all, I will have to say this game probably isn't for everyone. My game features some romance in it that I'm sure a lot of you will find cheesy or cliche, for I've never really done romance before. I did it for this RPG as an experiment to see how it would impact the story, and most of it is set out, I just have to, well, complete the game.
Another thing is that while my game does have custom battle charsets, most of everything else is default. I maybe will create more custom stuff but for now this suffices (at least to me.)
I am planning a few systems in my RPG but most of them won't be present in the demo unfortunatly (since the demo is very early in the game.) I have a book system and checkable items in the maps but that's about it right now.
I sincerely hope whoever plays it will enjoy it; I'm very nerious about releasing it. Once it's out, if anyone has any suggestions or comments on how to make the game better whatsoever, please tell me, they will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. For those who read the description, under the advise of Fallen-Greaver, I changed the names of the factions. For those who are curious about what the names mean, there is a book in the demo that says it.
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