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At a young age, Douglas Blaak's mother and brother were murdered before his very eyes. When the courts refused to punish the man resposible because of the fact that he was a Terrelus, another Terreli man named Janis sought the truth that everyone refused to see... and payed dearly for it.

Years later, Douglas joined the organization Greyland so that he could get equality for his people so that justice could be delivered to the people who wronged him. During a convention, he met a Terreli girl named Aira Sunos, who saw Venesi not as monsters but as people. Douglas and Aira became fast friends, in spite of what other Terreli thought.

About two years later, in the castle town of Rumille, fighting broke out among the members of Greyland and the Terreli soldiers stationed there. The town was destroyed and hardly any were spared.

A few weeks later, Douglas and Aira, now married, set out to try and stop the people responsible for the attack so that it would never happen again.