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Let's Play "I Expect you to Die!" with Facesforce

This Let's Play contains Strong Language and general Idiocy.
You have been warned!

So in a shocking twist, I make a let's play of I expect you to die, complete with a terrible format, me ranting about volcanoes and Australian lions. Will I be able to destroy Super France?. Will my terrible critizim and half asleep ranting pay off? How many times will I mess up saying a word? And will it even be relevant at the end of the day? Find out and more in my first ever Let's Play, on the first take as well.

I need to sleep before I do the next one. Mostly to stop my rambling about stupid things. XD


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It's Kenton A! The A is for ANDERSON!

The beginning was a little forced, but it got better as you went on and relaxed a little. Thanks for playing and recording an LP!
Yeah, well if you consider that this was literally my first time touching a mic, of course it was going to be forced.

XD Sorry about that! I seriously thought Kentona was said like "Ken-Tone-ah" Not "Ken-Tone-A". I'll correct that in future let's plays. I'm working on one for Hellion and already have thirty minnates recorded. If I mispronounced your name there, I will correct it in the second thirty minunate recording session.

Well, thanks for the feedback, I'll use it to get better and better. I actually had more fun playing it on with the mic then without 'cause I could mock myself once I was done. XD
haha that's fine really (and a common assumption). Check out Shinan's interview of me in the Webcast articles for the source of my user title.
Sure, I will totally watch that interview! Oh yeah, will I ever get a user title by the way? I've been on here for over two years now, for better or worse XD
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