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Not another day... now!

I Expect You To Die by kentona is a very short puzzle game and James Bond parody made with RPG Maker 2003 as an entry for the 2009 three hour competition. The player takes the role of supervillain Lord Evilschtein who strives to put a sinister plan into effect: Activating his Doomsday Device and destroying the nation of Super France.

Don't let Mr. Bournd save the day!

Unfortunately, secret agent Mr. Bournd is determined to stop him. The player must reach the inner sanctum of Evilschtein's secret volcano hideout as quickly as possible. To slow his archenemy down, Evilschtein can activate his elaborate security measures - but since he is a supervillain, they will naturally turn against Evilschtein himself.
The game only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to play through, but to assume it is therefore extremely easy would be wrong. While some of the puzzle-minigames the game consists of are just a breeze because they don't work exactly as was probably intended, some levels are quite challenging. Making a mistake or messing up while trying to evade obstacles will result in a severe time penalty - and if the counter reaches zero, it's game over and Vive la Super France.

From the Evil Overlord List: "I will not construct security mechanisms that could backfire on me."

In a way, I Expect You To Die is a typical contest game: It has a funny and interesting basic concept, quite a few bugs, and is overall pretty wacky - but this game is enjoyable nonetheless. None of the mechanics used in this game are fundamentally new, but because it is so fast-paced and humourous, it's still surprisingly fun to play. Considering it is a functioning game that has been created within mere 3 hours, which is already quite the accomplishment, it's safe to say it holds up well.

I think any sort of rating would be misplaced here. I Expect You To Die is not what you would normally call a "great game", but as a competition game it still stands out.


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Your mom is a hero
hahah wow, I never expected there to be a review of this game! Thanks for taking the time to write this (which was indubitably longer that the time it took to play), and I am glad you enjoyed it!
Got any Dexreth amulets?
You're welcome, kentona. I'm glad you liked the review, it didn't even take a whole lot of time to write.
Keep up the good work!
I'm a dog pirate
Blofeld is sporting quite the flamboyant wig nowadays.
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