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Sacred Reviews: I Expect You To Die

"I Expect You To Die" is a short parody game developed by kentona using RPG Maker 2003 for a three hour competition held by Max McGee in 2009. The theme which was playable super villains. So instead of being the hero trying to navigate a super villain's secret lair. Were the super villain navigating our own lair in order to make sure the hero can't stop our evil plan of destroying Super France with an all powerful doomsday device. After all, you can't be a proper evil genius if you don't have a few of those just laying about the planet in seemingly random locations.

In order to navigate our base successfully we will need to overcome various challenges. The first of which is a maze puzzle where we only want to step on even numbers. If you step on the odd numbers you'll suffer a time penalty and Mr. James Bournd will be ever closer to catching you.

Albeit you can step on an odd number or two and still make it across safely. And since you get more time upon clearing a room. It isn't necessarily a bad decision to take a shortcut in exchange for a 30 second time penalty.

The rest of the mini-games largely boil down to dodging rocks or opening cages and dodging lions. Albeit the lions take way too long to get out of their cages. So it's pretty easy to avoid them since you'll probably be well past the cage by the time they manage to find their the way out. As such, there really isn't any risk involved in unleashing them which is what was intended considering you get bonus time for opening each of the cages.

If anything I'd say the hardest section of this game is this last section before you enter the room containing the doomsday device.

On the other hand activating the doomsday device is fairly easy since Mr. Bournd's path finding is absolutely awful. So it's as easy as eating pie to get Mr. Bournd stuck on various walls while you pull the five necessary switches to unleash hell upon the nation of Super France.

"I Expect You to Die" is a fun distraction and is surprisingly functional considering it was made in three hours or less. At the same time this isn't a particularly lengthy time waster since you can beat the game in around five minutes or so. At most I'd expect this game to keep someone occupied for about ten minutes. And that's assuming they have issues nailing down the timing for the sliding rock puzzles. And as a game overall this isn't something I'd consider particularly high quality, but adjustments in score need to be made when dealing with contest games. So I'm willing to cut this one some slack.


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