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Platform: RPG Maker 2003
Genre: Traditional RPG
Release Date: February 17th, 2010
Production phase: Release, 100% done.

"One year ago, Crono, Marle, and Lucca decided to change history. They traveled through time, overcame many obstacles, and defeated what we call 'Lavos'. Over the course of time, there were many casualties. One of them was Princess Schala of the Magical Kingdom, Zeal.

Now, in 1001 AD, the cogs of fate begin to turn once more. As Crono and Marle sit upon a mountaintop, they are drawn into a new world by what seems to be a resurrected Lavos.

After awaking in this new place, Crono realizes that Marle is no long with him. As his quest begins, he receives a letter from one who was thought to be dead.

He travels through this new land, meeting with his allies from across time, and he begins his quest to save time once more."


-The return of the Chrono Trigger cast
-Music from Chrono Trigger, Castlevania IV, Chono Cross, Final Fantasy IV/V
-Three Side-Quests
-Direct Sequel to Chrono Trigger
-Touch Encounter battles
-Battle Animations by Jaymonious
-Story that bridges some aspects of Cross to Trigger
-Four alternate endings

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  • 07/30/2009 04:52 AM
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  • 02/18/2010
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*click to edit*
"-90% of all monsters are ripped from "Chrono Trigger" "

That's supposed to be a feature? oO
Well, when I made the original, I used RTP monsters. More of an improvement, I guess. Regardless, I format every single one of them myself, and when you have every monster from CT to format, it takes a while. >_>
I understand it's in development, but you couldn't make a gameover? I just died in a scripted battle, but the enemies ran off as if I'd won...what the heck? And I couldn't heal myself, there are no inns and i didn't have any revives.
That sounds like a bug I didn't know about. Also, there are inns and items. There are some in the first village. Thanks for letting me know.
Were there inns? I looked, but I didn't find it. I knew there were items there, I just didn't have any revives on me though.

To be more specific about the bug, I died in a random battle in the forest. It said annhilated but just took me back out to the...what would you call, field map maybe? Not world map, but I was in the forest. Same spot I got in the random battle of course. Anyway, all the battles after that, it started, and then just said "annhialated" and took me out of the battle, but no gameover or anything. And, like I said about the scripted battle, not only was I taken out, but they (two imps in a castle or cave or something...don't remember, west of the king's castle) acted (I'm assuming) the same way they would have if I'd won, they ran to tell their boss.
Ohhh! Thanks a BUNCH for letting me know! I know what I did wrong!
The inn was also in the village in one of the houses.
You may want to tweak some of the earlier monsters. I'm really liking the look so far, much better than the first, which I started playing before finding this, but I haven't gotten very far yet. My main problem is that, in my first random encounter, I've been stuck for the past 10 minutes or so. I managed to beat two of the three imps, but the last used sleep on me, and I was stuck without an action. Ever since then, it's used it frequently enough so that I've been unable to take an action since. I've left the game running in the background, and I'm at 145 hp as I type this. It is quite frustrating. I imagine it will be better once I get more party members, but you may want to consider removing sleep before then. Just my thoughts, but from what I've seen, you've done a great job, other than the whole "unfightable battle" thing.
I'm really sorry about that! That has been removed from the game for months now.

The demo you're playing is a very early beta. The game is nearly finished, and about to enter the editing phase. During this phase, things like that will be completely fixed. :D
Only looks great. Tried the Demo too boring as it was random. But I will still try the Full Game if you apply ton of changes.
Many changes are going to be made for the final game. MANY changes. lol
Found a game breaking bug: In 2300 AD, after both switches are pulled, you can't enter the boss door.
I've been told. I'll be fixing it tonight!
Hope you don't mind me asking, but would you consider putting up a download on the site itself (as opposed to another uploader site like Megaupload)?
I did, but it took too long to upload. Sorry. D:

I might put the no-RTP edition up here.
Well, maybe you could try it again? I know you managed to upload it to the site before.
If you don't mind me asking, why?
I've just had some very slow downloads with Mediafire and the like in the past. Anyway it doesn't really matter so much.
Sorry, I haven't really followed all the recent developments. Is the main download the unbugged version? Is that the one I should download?
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