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Progress Report

New download link added.

Now, with less mega Upload!


Chrono Altar: Final Mix Coming November 2010.

Yes, you read right. Chrono Alter's revamp is upon us. The game is receiving a massive graphic overhaul, a re-balancing of enemies, new optional areas, improved dialogue/story, and a slightly different title to boot.

Yes, people didn't really get the significance of the the title in the original, so I figured I could change to title to what they thought it was in the first place. It'll fit with the story better anyway.

Anyway, I'll be uploading a new gamepage for the game at a later date. For now, enjoy the teaser image from the re-done opening:


Let's Play Chrono Alter!

Yeah, I'm LPing my own game. Here's part 1. Part 2 will be up later today.


Chrono Alter reaches 1000 Downloads!

I thank everyone who played it from the bottom of my heart. The game have only been out for a month and a half, and over 1000 people have played it. That's a really good feeling. It shows that Chrono Fans are dedicated enough to download a fairly unknown fangame, and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback.

I'll be working on Chrono Alter: Final Mix, and possibly an extra chapter for DLC.

CA: Final Mix would include a reworked script, longer dungeons, RPG Hall of Fame Boss Rush, and probably an extra chapter in between Alter and Echoes.

Again, thank you so much for playing!

Chrono Alter Reaches 1000 Downloads Video:


Update coming soon, along with some DLC.

In a week or so, I'll be uploading an updated version of the game. This update will fix a few bugs, such as the Haste bug and the floating Lavos mouth bug.

Also, the update will include some new content such as a new playable character and some script revisions.

Stay tuned for more info!


Game Breaking bug found!

Once you reach 2300 A.D, you won't be able to progress. I'll be uploading the patch tonight.


Enjoy the game!

The game is finally up for download, so enjoy! I'll be adding the No-RTP version tonight for you Rm2k3 owners out there. Thank you guys so much for the support for this game! Enjoy it, everyone! Don't forget to review!


Release day!

Check the downloads page later today for the full game!


Release Trailer!

So, pending the release of Chrono Alter, I made a 4-Minute trailer showing the final version of the game. Enjoy!


New Content being added.

As some of you know, this game will have three alternate endings. Well, that's going to change. Thanks to Zeality and the Chrono Compendium, I have been given the opportunity to add a fourth alt ending, and a new optional Final Boss.

The dream of Zeal lives on, my friends.
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