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pretty good!!

before all, I am from Argentina and i dont speak much english (i speak english wrose that Ayla ^_^), sorry.
well, i am new playing Fangames, I spent 2 days playing the whole game (i have a live, i only wanted to relax for 2 days xD) I noticed much great things from this game and only a bit of mistakes.

The good Things:
* The musics has been chosen wisely, i like too much the Zeromus + Lavos Remix from the Final battle.

* The argument is pretty good, understandable and very interesting.

* The graphics (the most taken from other games) has been chosen wisely I notice some things from Tales of Phantasia and Lufia 2, i am too fan from this games.

* Finaly, something that is very hard, the coherence betwen levels -> power -> battles -> dificulty, is very hard mantain it, and you made it very good! The final battle is strongly dificult (I reach it with Chrono lvl 50 and others about 45).

* The side quests are good too, Gilgamesh and this theme, Realy Realy cool!!

Now The not-good things:

* I notice that some characters lose his identity, for example, Robo, here he speaks too normally, when realy he speaks whit a exagerated respect (MR. Chrono, MS. Lucca, etc.) another character that loose his identity is Glen / Frog, he speak too normaly when realy he speaks the Old Knights languaje (i belibe that i only see one "Thou" in all the game, unfunny =S), Lucca and Marle speak how ever, good, Ayla concerve her Cavewoman languaje, good, Magus... ahmmm here he preserve sometimes his sharp speak mode but sometimes he speak "near friendly" simply its not Magus.

* The Main final loses coherence, Marle announces that she and Chrono are getting married, but in all game there is no signs of this (only when Marle says that Guardia needs a King and Chrono appears be the indicated) but it's totally sudden, I am thinking of Locke and Celes from FF6, they gave many signs that something happened between them.

Bonus: when Glen says "while I have frog form, Magus still alive", 1 second latter he recovers his human form, Realy Tragicomic.

Finally, I give it 4 Stars, i am realy anxious for play the sequela

Congratulations and Best regards.

Salva Mendez


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did someone say angels
You're giving it a 4/5 even though you point out that the characters act way out of character?
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