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A short little side-project I decided to whip-up just for the heck of it. Thought it'd be fun to do somethign like this, so...I went ahead and made it real! How about that.

In "Dragon Fantasy BOSS TRIAL" you enter the game normally as you would when you begin a regular adventure in "Dragon Fantasy," however when you're done choosing a name and gender, you're transported in to the "Boss Tower," a tower housing all of the bosses from the original Dragon Fantasy and more.

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  • 08/01/2009 01:01 AM
  • 02/25/2016 01:45 AM
  • 08/02/2009
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A download would be wonderful. :)
Oop. Forgot all about that! I'll have one up in a moment. =O
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I somehow feel that this was inspired by a GBA remake of a Final Fantasy game. Cool beans, either way!
Well, I must say, that was more fun than I expected!

Though a bit on the easy side, I think.
I just downloaded it, and played a few (only beat the very first boss and talked to the NPCs), and liked very much what I saw so far. <3
Hrmmm....I had a feeling that topics like that weren't allowed on the forums anymore. Ku hu hu.

Oops. =B

Thank yehs for the play! Hope you enjoyed this...incredibly short game! =)
Shouldn't you just rerelease the game with this as a feature?
Neh. I think I've released the game enough. =P
Ahhh...! I started this up on my friends computer and when I started a new file the Hero began at Lv. 50! Does anyone else have this happen? Because...it's not supposed to! It worked fine at home, and I began a dozen new files! :M
That happened to me.

That would be why it was too easy.
Ahh! But whay! I even started a new game in the testing version right before I left to come over here, and even then it worked! Gah...! Why can I not upload something without SOME sort of error happening!?


Well, I hope you'll download the -real- version once I get it uploaded. -______- (tomorrow).

VERY sorry everyone. I've not a clue as to what's goin' on. It's definitly something simple that I screwed up without realizing it (somehow).

I've gone and submitted a new download link for the game. \it should be up shortly!
Oh my lord. Nevermind, I'm still having trouble.

The thing is, the error where you're bossted to Lv.50 doesn't happen until AFTER I upload to Megaupload. If I testplay a new file, I'm at Lv. 1.

I then zip the file, extract it and then try and play the game; Lv.1

But when I upload the file and then extract it after downloading it, when I play it the Hero is at Lv. 50. =\
Solution: Use RMN Hosting.
Yar. But I still don't know how Megaupload managed to create 3 save files after I'd deleted 'em from the folder (there were 4) =/

Ah well. Filefront has saved me on this one!

And to start the game Arzamol, just click the download button at the top. Once it's finished, extract the folder inside to your desktop (or whereever). Go in to that folder, click the "RPG_RT" file, then you're all set!

And if you want to use the font that the game is supposed to be played it, just take the font file "FF6" from the folder and place it in your Fonts Folder (under Control Panel).
So I'm guessing there's no problems? There's none for me, sho there SHOULDN'T be any for you people.
Blah. Well, just keep on fiddlin' with it. You'll get it working eventually.
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