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Install the Commodore 64 font that comes with the demo! If your having any problems then install it directly from this site http://www.dafont.com/commodore-64-pixelized.font

The game is based in the modern world, With two citys setting as it's backdrop. One is a fictional city called Rufu's based somewhere in the west coast of america and the other is set in London. Contains heavy themes of religion.

The Lost Girls tells the story of three demon hunters seeking redemption and the series of events that showed how they found it. Based in the backdrop of the 21st century with undertones of Religion and science fiction. We'll get to see how changing your destiny with the notion of freewill, would result in very bad consequences.

Classic rpg fun, drawing influences from the PS2 era. Zelda like exploration,
Uncharted 2 style set pieces, Summoning your inner demons like that of Devil May Cry... If you like any of these games you'll be in for a treat.

-The story is told in the present day and through fractured flashbacks.
-Custom graphics.
-over 20 unquie animations for each character.
-Interactive action scenes.
-Majority of the characters are female (Clue in the title)
-Devil Trigger system.
-Horrific enemy designs.
-Hunting system.
-Three distinct time periods.
-Choose how to develop your characters.

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Dug up from the grave.

So I made a really dumb decision and brought this back into production. It's just me making little notes for now and working on some gameplay prototypes in my down time, I'll kick it into gear once I finish my current project. I'm also undecided about going commercial with it or even if it's going to be turn based for that matter. I've been gradually moving away from the RPG genre for the last few years now, don't particularly enjoy making or playing them anymore.

But yeah this is definitely way down the pipeline so don't expect any updates in the near future D:
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  • 08/03/2009 06:46 PM
  • 10/15/2016 10:34 PM
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This is a website for GAMES.


Also, the fact that your music is from bunches of well known gaming franchises is a BAD thing. It really serves to break up gameplay and un-immerse you.
There's nothing wrong with using a DBS if you do it right you know.

i.e. sticking in a side-view battle script does not make the battles instantly awesome
I know but i want to add a personal creative touch.
But then again I doo need to learn ruby abit better..

This is my first game soo I'm still kinda learning.

Thank you

ahaa my computer is broke down last week‚ so no can do for a while (ps3 browser)
Computer fixed, so sleepless nights of work ahead :)
I'll actually be awaiting this. Great drawings.
Thanks for the comment pal, don't get too many on here. I'll check out/subscibe to some of your games as a show of acknowledgement
I'm downloading the first chapter right now.
Oh no... please it's the worse game(first attempt) ever I would rather you download the current demo. But oh well I guess I can revise it once I'm done
I...stopped after seeing all the typos. You really should fix that. But it seems like it has a lot of potential. I got the first chapter so I can have story continuity.
There's a slight problem there. My computer went berserk at the beggining of the year and I had to wipe everything off the harddrive.. so if i was to revise it I would have to do it again from scratch. :(
Backing stuff up...you should do that for future games. Like I will once I get a 2gig flash drive.
Yeah yeah, back it up all the time, 8)
IS that a hellgate london background?
Game looks great BTW.
IS that a hellgate london background?
Game looks great BTW.
Yep, I wanted to chose a background to suit the theme I'm aiming for :)
/me is playing the demo & will return with comprehensive play-through notes.

Edit: But it appears I am missing the font that lets me see your text. Because every text box, including the main menu, has had no text in it.
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