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A veteran demon hunter skilled in martial arts and handheld weaponary
Traveling for the last ten years as a drifter looking for the demon responisable for her mothers death, it's the least bit surspsing that decibel cares at all about humanity, A regular at the nightclubs Decibel has affection for her comrades and the people she meets along the way. For a while Decibel settled down in Rufu's city with leiko and Cizzla to quell the demon problem that's been tearing the city apart but even that is not enough to satisfly her vengence.

A japanese girl brought up with the traditions of old, Leiko isn't very fond of technology instead perfering to use the Kantana in slaying demons. It's understood that Leiko fled to america after the death of her boyfriend and met decibel by being in the wrong place at the wrong time after a heavy night of drinking. Since then she's been traveling with decibel as her retainer.

She is considered one of the most combat efficent characters in the Lost Girls universe.. But the most delusional as well. Jessica serves under the SAS as their Commander and has psychopathic tendencies to let her own men die or kill whoever gets in her way. When she was younger she went to different international schools after being kicked out of the curriuralm in britain for violent behaivour, she also seems obsessed with Leiko for reason's unknown.

The unluckiest girl on the planet. Her flat was blown up, her boyfriend murdered, had traveled back in time and has to team up with a demon to save the world. With her life in ruins, she is willing to do anything to bring her boyfriend back to life. Her ablities suggest a military background of some sorts, very skillful with improvising everyday objects into weapons.

A gulf war verteran whose seen it all... Or so he likes to think. At the grand old age of 40, Colin is the most world weary member of Jessicas squad. However due to the high casualty rate of their operations, Colin tends to hang back and just tut away at the young people.


The demon who lost his way. Cizzla was banished from the demonic world 100 years before the start of the game, his crime? Falling in love with a human. Left turky after his lover died 50years ago, Cizzla comes across as a confident wiseguy and is a valuable asset to Decibel's team
due to his knowledge of the occult.
And has a past aquietence with the demon that she is hunting..

The women with many faces. Meg is a unusural type of demon in which she is capable of changing her body to match other people's apperances, fitting her under the catagory of a shapeshifter. The extent of her ablities is only taking on the apperance of those who have passed on, Meg is effectivly operating as Drusilla's spy in the human world and is one of her most loyal followers.

The monster who has caused the heartachce. Like Cizzla she too is in exille and is said to be the demon responsible for Decibels grief. After a incident back in the eighties Dru has been wandering the earth striking up a plan to bring the demons back into the human realm.. even though she is a demon in apperance that dosn't stop men being enchanted by their lust for her. However people with great sorrow are twisted and warped whenever they're near her vincity.

Traitor to humanity. Even though he is techinally human that dosn't mean he is a force for good.
Joseph is scared of dying and wants to live forever, in his eyes he will gain immortality by being on the side of the demons and hopes that Drusilla will transform him into one if he help's to achieve her goal.


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I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Why does the girl with twintails always have to be psychopathic?
must be all that rtp in your diet
handheld weaponary
responisable = responsible
and the people she meets along the way - along the way to what?

perfering preferring
Kantana katana

has psychopathic tendencies to let her own men die (she had better be a fucking amazing Commander, because this alone is a good enough reason to never let her have command over another human being ever again)
curriculum, behavior

etc. I really like the look of this game, oddly enough, but you really should do some basic spellchecking to clean everything up.
Or just use google chrome which spell-checks everything for you as you type and makes you look like you never make a spelling mistake.
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