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Dug up from the grave.

So I made a really dumb decision and brought this back into production. It's just me making little notes for now and working on some gameplay prototypes in my down time, I'll kick it into gear once I finish my current project. I'm also undecided about going commercial with it or even if it's going to be turn based for that matter. I've been gradually moving away from the RPG genre for the last few years now, don't particularly enjoy making or playing them anymore.

But yeah this is definitely way down the pipeline so don't expect any updates in the near future D:



Found the first draft of the story/demo outline from the original version way back in 2009. To the early days when I was an wet behind the ears game developer, trying to make a impact on the RM scene. It's really abit of a cringey incomprehensible self indulgent essay but I thought it was amusing and worth a share. Amazingly enough, most of this shit ended up in the original demo :o

"The game universe is pretty much like our own in the 21st century. Only difference is the existence of demons and the never-ending struggle with the people who are aware of them (hunters) and the advancement in time based technology. In the waking dead universe demons constantly try to undermine the stability of humanity. They come in all different types, Level 1 demons are simple creatures that are unorganised and only find direction when they are under the command of higher levels. Level 2 demons are more intelligent and a lot bigger than their level 1 counterpart. Level 3 demons sustain human level intelligence and language and are a lot more human in appearance (shape shifters and vampires come under this category). Level 4 demons control the elements however they have no hatred towards humanity and instead keep balance in the world. Level 5 demons are reserved for the circle of 9 who individually pose a formidable threat, wizards and sorceresses (though human) come under this category as well.

Key/purpose of dialogue: To inform the player of a past crime that occurred, and that the woman in question was captured for the said crime. It would flashback throughout the game key points of the story whilst at the same time the flashbacks would have a basis in reality (which the whole of reality had a paradox back in the 80’s due to sparrow changing the past therefore contradicting itself and creates 3 different timelines original timeline-Sparrow Fractured timeline-Sparks Idealistic timeline-Happy. The events of the script happens in the fractured timeline where time is mixed up due to it trying to restore itself-hence the flashback nature of the story, however it is a doomed predicament because of the paradox and as time gradually moves along the flashbacks become more frequent until it reaches the point of the consequence of the paradox, where it would erase that timeline.. Making the idealistic one redundant all together. However as God see’s all and is aware of everything happening he sends an angel to transport the fractured timeline sparks back in time to the point before the paradox occurred.

The main character's in the first two chapters are Decibel Hewitt codename Sparks, Leiko Isoda codename Fable and Cizzla Ozer codename big blue(he get's de-promoted to secondary character in chapter 3) and is replaced by Jessica loveless

Story Background

In 1985, on the west coast of America a hunter called Henrietta Hewitt had made a discovery... By genetic engineering she could create a soul that is free of evil. If the soul was to pass on into hell it would spread throughout the underworld like a virus eradicating demons and ending the war that began way back when Lucifer rebelled against god. The Circle of Nine got caught of this plot and sent the circle of lust (Drusilla) undercover to befriend Henrietta. As the months go by Drusilla and Henrietta grew close, the later revealing her research to Drusilla... when the time came, the order from the circle came through to kill her and destroy the research. Drusilla told Henrietta of her identify and said that she was the first human she ever liked, with that in mind Henrietta accepted her fate but asked Drusilla to destroy the circle for her own daughter's sake. Drusilla agreed to the promise; however the circle of 9 was one step ahead and banished Drusilla to the human realm because they deemed her impure for interacting with a human for so long.

25 years later, the daughter of Henrietta had grown up into a demon hunter herself. After the death of her mother Decibel committed herself to finding the demon responsible for her mother's murder, along the way she became friends with Leiko, Square Eyes and Cizzla and they eventually settled down in Rufus’s city… Waking Dead begins from this point.

(This is where things get complicated)

Chapter 1 & 2

Note the structure of the game is broken up in flashbacks so I'll put it in canonical order first and put number references beside them to show what order they appear in the game.

2. The game begins when Decibel is waking up in the bathtub whilst the phone is ringing; she puts on a towel and heads out into the living room. She lets the phone reach the answer machine and to her non-surprise its Cizzla informing her that they located a shape shifter in club Nero with this new information she gets dress and heads out (Gameplay exploration of the flat Characters Decibel). Decibel reaches club Nero and gets a ticking off from Cizzla for being late, they proceed to head into the club with Leiko and decibel asking questions to various part goers, meanwhile Cizzla heads to talk to the club owner Colin Strand about a potential threat to his regulars from the shape shifter, Decibel enters the office to ask if Cizzla has any new information. Mr Strand tells them both that there is no demon in his club and asks for them both to leave.

Leiko, Cizzla and decibel are beside the bar talking about how the Intel was false, a blonde couple over hear their conversation and with a sudden interruption announces herself to be the shape shifter they were after (Character intro Meg, Josh) Meg then shape shifts into a demon of some sorts whilst Josh runs off to board the subway, and she attacks the players party (Gameplay Boss battle). After the battle Meg shape shifts into a wolf and escapes Club Nero. Decibel is about to give chase, however she receives a call from Square Eyes informing her of a massive energy spike of demon activity in the subway. They proceed to head through Rufus whilst getting in battle with a few demons along the way. Once in the subway they board the train and it begins to move along, there is blood splattered everywhere with many bodies lying around. Decibel, Leiko and Cizzla finally reach the end of the train where they come across Joseph Tokley trying to kidnap a young boy (Character Intro JOHN DILKENS) Decibel and the party fights Joseph for the boy's safety (Gameplay Boss Battle) after Joseph is defeated he jumps off the train in order to escape.

Due to the bizarre nature of the potential kidnap attempt, Decibel places John under her care. (Characters Decibel, Leiko, Cizzla, John and Josh). A cut scene between Drusilla and Meg appears after Club Nero (Character Intro Drusilla). The scene jumps to the headquarters of Decibels hunting crew, where they have taken John to give him some plot exposition on who they are and what they do. (Character Intro Square Eyes) Cizzla is tasked with escorting John across Rufus city to his apartment, once there John becomes the player's avatar and is guided by the player up to his apartment. Once there a cut scene takes place showing Meg leaving the said apartment and assuring that she is a old family friend of the Dilkens, she goes on her way looking remotely sad for what she had done. Once John enters the apartment we see a room covered in blood and the Dilken family in pieces, John cries.

The next morning Decibel, Leiko are told by Cizzla that John's family had been murdered and he was in fact missing, Decibel feels a mass amount of guilt over the situation and wished that she did more to protect him. After this the siren starts to go haywire and Square Eyes states that the whole city is swarming with demon activity with a massive spike at the very center, Decibel knows who it is immediately(it's Drusilla) and with this knowledge she is hopeful that she could (by a small chance) fulfil her revenge. They head to the center of the city (Gameplay Rescue citizens and battle monsters) where they confront Drusilla and (Plot Twist) John who has been corrupted by demonic powers (given to John by Drusilla, who is being misled) After exchanging words and speeches, John attacks Decibel, Cizzla and Leiko where they are instantly defeated, however instead of dying they are in fact saved by a angel who teleports them to the city outskirts, Rufus blows up whilst Drusilla and John head off to Britain to bring back the Circle of Nine.

The player resumes control of Leiko (shortly after she was teleported) (Character Intro Leiko) staring into the massive crater where Rufus once stood, She heads out into the forest to look for the others. (Gameplay Explore, Battles) A short time later Leiko reaches a ghost town where Cizzla is battling with a boss (Character Intro Cizzla) (Gameplay Boss battle) after the boss is defeated the angel transports Leiko and Cizzla to Decibel and his location. But before he starts to explain what is happening a Time Shift suddenly begins and they are swished away... Resetting their knowledge of the angel. The shift results in them appearing at Heathrow airport with Cizzla, Decibel and Leiko getting out of a government jet (In game it is never explained how they got the jet, the timeline got screwed up). After a brief discussion they get ambushed by the SAS led by Jessica Loveless (Character Intro Jessica)… (Plot note Leiko recognises Jessica!) Cizzla teleports Leiko somewhere else and takes the airship away from the airport.. Decibel proceeds to battle the SAS as well as Jessica but loses, with Jessica using an experimental capture unit (Molecule Stopper) to apprehend Decibel. (Gameplay Boss battle, troop battle).

The game would cut to(Character Intro Laura) Laura Chaplin in a high tech prison being escorted by armed guard to meet Decibel. After greeting formalities with each other Laura would reveal herself as her lawyer in the upcoming trial against Decibel over claims that she was responsible for the destruction of Rufus City. "


I'm a terrible person and I deserve to be pelted with eggs.

I have to regretfully inform you all that the game has been cancelled with immediate effect. It's been on the backburner for the last year or so and I could never bring myself to open the editor to work on it some more.

The number one reason can be allocated to poor planning and too much ambition for one single project. I started this game way back in 2009 when it was originally called waking dead, as time went on I started to grow more as a developer and I had to reboot it a few times in order for the game to match my own growth and expectations.

During that period I started to incorporate more of my ideas and inspirations I've gathered in those three years to the point where the game started to resemble a bloated mess, hell I didn't even know what it was even about anymore. Even though I've wasted a large amount of time during those lost years I do feel that I've learnt a few tips and tricks out of it all and managed to build a diverse skillset... The one expection still being my poor execution of grammer :P

I don't feel sad about it in anyway but I do feel like I've let a lot of people down with this announcement. But hey ho I'll like to give a big thank you to SorceressKyrsty, Miracle and Newblack for all their support and feedback that they've given. You guys are super fantastic. I'm actually tempted to make a follow up video showcasing a public execution of all the characters in game, that way I'll be able to say goodbye properly and pay my respects. Or better yet play Suicide Club 3! Trolololol.

As for what I've been up to nowadays, I'm currently in pre production/production on an unannounced game that may or may not see the light of day on RMN due to self-imposed reasons. Regardless of the news thank you all for taking time out to read this.

"Places folder in recycle bin"


Demo details.

What you have here is a eary stage of the game (In fact it's the tutorial!).
It should take you roughly half an hour to finish. It's around 60% completed.

Known Bugs
-Trying to escape from battles will come up with a script error.
Still trying to fix it.
-The equip menu is so not finished right now... Very scrappy looking.
-Some major overkill with some skills.
-The skydive mingame is laggy.
-Grammer issues here or there.

What had to be cut from the demo due to frustration or buggyiness.
-An RTS section where you instruct a tank to target demons attacking your position.
It would of had a split screen effect where a pop up shows what's happening where you are, whilst at the same time showing you blowing them up.

It was so time consuming and difficult, figured I had to have 10 events moving about at the same time just to target one enemy. I'll revisit it later once If I find a easier way to do it.

-A unwinnable battle with Lucia, only way to defeat him is to target the Missile.
However due to impatience and not wanting to sprite out another battler from scracth right now, I made it into a cutscene (Boring). Also my same attitude applied to not making him a faceset for his convo window.

Story Notes
If you want a major plot twist spoiled for you, then please click the button.
Well it is implied in the demo the idenity of Sparrow, so I might as well put it on record now just to recomfirm it. Decibel and Sparrow are the same person, it was funnily enough pointed out to me last year on how obvious it was. But I figured at the time there was no real use in saying it and just let people play it to find out themseveles when the game gets out there.

But you know, I don't really care too much on spoilers, hell I even showed a fellow user on rmn my final boss draft hahaha. But saying that I think it's actually quite cool that they are the same person and makes Sparrow the perfect villain in my opinion. Just imagine meeting a older version of yourself, who knows all your moves, all your secrects and can manipulate your friends against you. Plus with a extra ten years of experiance being brought up in a crazy demon war like future then you seriously know you'll be up against a badass, it would also make Decibel think about herself more... Could she turn into this person given the right circumstances. Of course there is also the narrative problem of this causing a paradox, but I came up with a funky ingame explantion to why it isn't the case.

What now?
Well right now I'm working on alternative transformations for the playable characters.

Other than that I'll continue to keep working on tilesets and pretty sick demon designs.


Battle system preview

Well here's a video of the battle system. Basically in it's testing stage, so icons, animations and other things haven't been changed much. Also I'm not very experianced on the youtube scene so I'm sorry if the audio is rubbish, at one moment you can hear my sister in the background screaming her head off :@
Change it to 720p and fullscreen for the best viewing experiance.


Communism as a world power in 2020?

Well in The Lost Girls universe it is! I tried to think how the world would be like if there was a massive demon invasion on the planet... So this was what I figured what could happen during those ten years. Russia would make her industries owned by the state and to mobolise it's population they reverted back to the soviet apparatus of government. Europe and Afica were swiftly defeated, Japan and Australia closed thier borders. The main bulk of the demon horde invaded America and effectivly destroyed the capitalist system, leaving just one superpower left in the fight, nucleur bombs were rarly used due to the fact that demons appeared to be immune to radiation. In 2015 Russia and her satilite states started a counter attack with a estimated force of 30 million troops, with a numerous number of victories they retaken parts of Afica and reached Berlin by 2019.

And so the game would start in 2020 with an infiltration unit of the KGB helmed by the players character Sparrow in retaking london and closing the hell portal that's letting the demons in. You know it's quite fun making these what if scenarios and playing with history a little, I'm suprised that not alot of RMN games use modern day settings to present their stories. Quick note I updated the Character and BadGuy pages on the gameprofile to reflect the current status of this project. Anyways I'll leave a literal world map for you to take look at... Kinda makes you want to play Risk :)


Now here's some nice comparisons

Not finished

What you see here is a comparison between the old boss sprites and the remade ones.
As the old ones were a bunch of frankinsprites cobbled together, making the new ones gave me more space to be creative. However I had kept some of the original designs for the major characters as not to confuse anyone who had played any of the old demos.

Here's my thoughts on how they turned out.

1. I wanted to keep Cizzlas smurf apperance, and as he dosn't play that much of a major role I figured I shouldnt spend too much time on giving him a overhaul.

2. The inspiration that I had going for this magic wielder was drawn from the iconic black mage class from the final fantasy series, most notably the black waltz from FF9. I added a twist by creating a female equivalent to the well known character, but to be honest I'm not entially happy with the end result... It's not girly enougth! :(

3. I thought having a bird like boss would of been boring so I changed it to insect type creature... Hybrid? Bug eyes make a change I suppose, the digusting part though is that she lays lava eggs which hatch into digusting baby spiders that try to gobble you up.


4. Most of the bosses are the same size as the players character, so I decided to make this one twice as high. To be honest I don't know where the idea came from to turn him into a giant blue humanoid rabbit but I figure it would be pretty ironic that a giant bunny would be laying waste to london. Then again it does look absolutly daft... Back to the drawing board perhaps.

5. I loved the old frankinsprite I made, so I didnt update him that much. By the way... You might mistakingly make the conclusion that he's happy, it's just a small pixel error I need to iron out.

6. I got a tiny bit lazy with this one and totally ripped off Lord Zed from power rangers.

7. My favorite one, I was thinking a few weeks back how far I could go to gross out a gamer. So I figured why not have them battle some guy who is digesting himself! Now think what would happen to his intestines when you defeat him? Or even more worryinly the players character!

8. More or less kept to the old sprite. This is one of the bosses you don't get to fight, instead she'll send you to a surrealist dream state where you have to confront your fears, disires and repression of the characters inner psyche. Would be a ideal chance to practice some different graphic styles.

9. Again I loved the old sprite design and wanted to keep this characters iconic look.

Now to be honest with you all, I'm looking at least a mid 2012 release date for the whole thing. But saying that I'll proberly release a demo or even a whole chapter if I could find enough time this summer, whatever the case don't be suprised if I don't update for a while.


Last blog untill I release the thing!

I'm getting bored of blogging when I have nothing really new to say. So with this new motto in hand I'll make a new blog when I eventually need beta testers.

This is the menu screen I've been working on.

Reminds me of a mixture between a Pokedex and an Tamagotchi.
By the way I am meaning to readjust the boxes to fit with the text.

Next up is the battlesystem!

You have Engage/Attack, Tech/Skill, Parry/Defend and emmm... Item/Item? The only thing that this screen isnt showing is the display damage which has been replaced with a custom font made in photoshop. So you guys get to look at pretty numbers once you press enter. Also the battleback is a placeholder untill I make my own one. Each party member has thier own unquie class and I'm going to concentrate on balancing the battles so it hopfully wouldnt be mashing the attack button to win

Weirdly I'm actually considering making my own custom music o.o. Tbh I had a go at it and it was absolutly awful, so that is a maybe for now. I have a video of the opening credits. It's not too impressive but it's decent enough, I'll have that up by wednesday for anyone who is interested. I seriously should consider getting some outside help on this as its prehaps too much work for my sanity to take in...
I was working with the Ichi engine dev group but it pretty much died after summer =/


Overall design

Oh gosh where to start! Umm well during the last few days I've been spriting like mad, but no matter how many charsets I do it always seem theres always a whole lot more to pixel out. I'm estimating around a 100 odd custom characters with 50 battlers at least, 10 characters have been drawn out with 3 battlers ticked off.
It's not so bad but I feel I could do better... Anyway besides art I've actually started fleshing out the introduction proper (If your a fan of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy then you'll love the little homage that I have in store :P)

The narrative structure throughout the remake(s) is split into two storylines/timelines. The first story is told in chronology order focusing on the mysterious Sparrow and her battles with Lucifer in the year 2020, the second storyline is based 10 years previously and is presented in numerous flashbacks focusing on Decibel hunting down drusila, trying to prevent a fullblown demon invasion.

Finally in chapter 3 you will see both storylines converging into one epic paradox ridden mess of a game, back to the days when Back To The Future first hit the cinemas... Oh and I also have to resovle Iris's Storyline after that bizzare cliffhanger from Choice!. XD

In Game Mechanics I'm hoping to blend arcade action with a RPG setup. The battles will be the typical final fantasy ATB, but I've implemented a teleportation system where the character can teleport to higher ledges to find hidden areas on the map (sounds shit in writing but is surprisngly neat in action!) similarly you get access to some C4 that'll let you blow down walls. I also be having a WARNING symbol that pops up in realtime every so often only when a dangerous obstacle engulfs the screen.. e.g. Falling rubble, cars with the handbrake off.. etc. (Please note their all in the experimental stage).

I'm very passionate about this game and even if it takes me months or years to get this done, I won't abandon it. But you know I kinda want someone to work with me on this.. A fellow spriter maybe? :3


Title Change...

I decided to change the title mainly because I realished that the word's WAKING DEAD never actually cropped up in game nor had any meaning at all!... It was just a random title I came up with in my noob days -o-. Now the reason it is now called "The Lost Girls" is because the majority of the charaters are..
1)Female .
2)Very much Lost.... aka they all lost a loved one at some time or another.
3)They all end up in the eighties... Lost in time.

Anyway I am in the process in remaking chapter 1 & 2, and so during the production of Choice I decided in going for the same graphical rehash for this game as well. I'm rewriting the storyline, adding a different battle system and also sorting out a flashly menu screen. The one thing I'm trying to do is sort out a balance in good gameplay and cimematic presentation, I literally want this to come across as a videogame equivalent to a comic book, wish me luck!
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