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Communism as a world power in 2020?

Well in The Lost Girls universe it is! I tried to think how the world would be like if there was a massive demon invasion on the planet... So this was what I figured what could happen during those ten years. Russia would make her industries owned by the state and to mobolise it's population they reverted back to the soviet apparatus of government. Europe and Afica were swiftly defeated, Japan and Australia closed thier borders. The main bulk of the demon horde invaded America and effectivly destroyed the capitalist system, leaving just one superpower left in the fight, nucleur bombs were rarly used due to the fact that demons appeared to be immune to radiation. In 2015 Russia and her satilite states started a counter attack with a estimated force of 30 million troops, with a numerous number of victories they retaken parts of Afica and reached Berlin by 2019.

And so the game would start in 2020 with an infiltration unit of the KGB helmed by the players character Sparrow in retaking london and closing the hell portal that's letting the demons in. You know it's quite fun making these what if scenarios and playing with history a little, I'm suprised that not alot of RMN games use modern day settings to present their stories. Quick note I updated the Character and BadGuy pages on the gameprofile to reflect the current status of this project. Anyways I'll leave a literal world map for you to take look at... Kinda makes you want to play Risk :)


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I love how China isn't communist.
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Well if Kiefer Sutherland isn't in this game I hope Mary Lynn Rajskub is at least
You spelled "neutral" wrong.

Well you can't catch them all :(
When America dropped the bomb on Japan, 60% of its victims perished from the blast. The weapon isn't effective because of its radiation... that's actually the annoying part.
I'm fully aware it's not because of radiation, but it did play a part in the other 40%. If the Russain army was to hypothetical just launch 3000 missles in these territories the potenial fallout would spread throughout the atmosphere most likly doing the enviroment more harm than good making certain areas inhabitable, hence why I said rarely. So why use it on a enemy who wouldnt be hampered by background radiation, which would be more damaging to the russians if anything else.
Nice map! I've been thinking of playing with "history" in the future and making a modernish game, but then I freak out about causing world wars to get a plot going...
Why? Perhaps because even if the background radiation doesn't work, then the massive burst of released energy inherent in the bomb itself would? If these things are immune to that kind of effect (reasonable, given their nature - but unreasonable if people can actually hunt them), and there's no apparent divine barrier to their demonic activity (which would seem to be the case based on the synopsis on your main page), then humankind has no chance whatsoever.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
(on my screen this or the other post wasn't even showing any text, anyone else see anything? edit: added a image)

Hey, just a heads up to everyone, this isn't reality. :[

I like modern era+demons, that's a win in my book.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Sorry for the double post!
@EnderX Yes they can be wiped out by the blast radius but saying that the current status of nuke stockpiles worldwide, it still wouldnt make enough of a impact to be worthwhile.

@Infection Exactly what I was thinking, just wouldnt be worth it.

Okay I'm not going to reply to anymore hypothetical questions, it's a game so just go with it for now :)
I love how China is part of the demon empire.
You forgot to add switzerland as neutral.
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