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Battle system preview

Well here's a video of the battle system. Basically in it's testing stage, so icons, animations and other things haven't been changed much. Also I'm not very experianced on the youtube scene so I'm sorry if the audio is rubbish, at one moment you can hear my sister in the background screaming her head off :@
Change it to 720p and fullscreen for the best viewing experiance.


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I like this! The characters look cute and are nicely animated, the menu design is simple and neat, it all works very well together really... just a couple of observations though, you should center both parties better on the screen (they're a bit to the left now) that way not only will look better but the pop-out command menu won't obstruct the visibility of the enemies to the player.

Also, the damage/heal numbers digits are too spread out and that makes them difficult to read; but In the other hand the "dodge" message (and I assume other as well) is too big... Actually, both these elements should have the same size, so find a nice in-between and you'll be all good. =)
Thanks for the feedback! I didn't think about the damage digits, but I did realise about the command pop-up until after I posted. I need to re-edit my battle chars for the player control characters as they don't have any shading to show where they're standing =/
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