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In the southwestern settlement of Fairhill, A young girl named Emmeline earns her keep by working on her family's farm. One day while making a transaction at the bank, she is unintentionally caught amid a major heist. The coming series of events will change her life forever, as dark memories well up from inside of her.

"Hard Pushed and Twice Alive" is a non-combat exploration and puzzle game, that invites the player to investigate an intricate web of intertwined stories. While traveling throughout the old west, Emmeline utilizes trade, horseback travel, interrogation, and her own sharp wit to uncover a mystery about herself and the people around her.

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  • 08/06/2009 06:31 AM
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another western! I'm intrigued...
member of the bull moose party
This is cool
I've looked at this games MANY times, but I've only just read the name (lol)...

It is SUPERB..! 'Hard Pushed and Twice Alive' is just inspired as a name... :-D
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