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Ive been working with the The RPG maker engines for about 3 years now, but none of the major projects that I started never really got off the ground, because now I feel that RPG maker isn't capable of making the games I want to make. Sooo.. I'm giving those projects to you, for your use.

This zip file includes the following systems; Kirby, Dragon ball z, 8 direction movement, SIMON, and a few custom battle systems. I have made at least 1 system for each RPG maker engine, so you will probably find something that you can use.

If you use 1 of these systems in your game please credit me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hey, at least you've got the perspicacity to realize this. Some people continue to bang their heads against this wall for...well, for a long time before getting completely frustrated and quitting game making altogether.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
I bet a lot of people could learn a lot of good stuff from your work. Seems like there's a lot of variety too. Nice job!
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