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The Rainbow Nightmare universe is divided into various short stories. Take on the role of Lady Libra as she goes above and beyond to help her friend find a cure for his disease. Along with her trusted friends they must sneak into the robotic Neon Empire. Unfortunately for them, it's not that simple.

RN LIBRA has move to Twitter! Checks it outz yo~
WIP approved!

Welcome to the Neon Empire!

Greetings visitor. Welcome to the future of Sarahelm, the Neon Empire. If you're a machine returning from the front lines, please let our scanners fully process you, so you may return into the arms of our beloved and slightly bloated Machine King!

If your data has been removed previously from the Neon Empire authorities, you will be disassembled and destroyed immediately and return to the junk heap where you belong. Traitors to the cause will not be tolerated.

If you're a human, the inferior to machines, you will need to show your ID clearance card to the Sebuta Security Police Force. Without your personalized card you will be eliminated on sight. We here at Neon Empire despite crushing the human and demi-human resistance know the value of select few humans who wish to explore their talents in the field of machinery and scientific progress for the sake of our industrious that will soon sweep across the continent and beyond.

If you have further concerns with security please contact Captain Marlwulf of the Sebuta Security Police Force.

If this is your first time inside the glorious Neon Empire and are still getting yourself situated as a human, you must proceed to the Neon Capital and allow Lt. Corxx to confirm which sector you will be living in. Do not mind the death machinery being constructed and designed on the way to the capital, they're being tested, designed, or approved by our highest scientific mind in Neon Empire, leader of the Science and Robotics division High Engineer Boss.

As a second class citizen human, we understand the value of having "off time" when you have worked your full day in our humid factories. It is required that you rejuvenate yourselves often to allow you to work at 100% capacity. We understand your limitless human flaws. This is why the Development District was created. It is lined with the finest oil and cogs available on the continent, as well as human delights.

With your help the Neon Empire will rise high into the sky with the billboards of robo babes on the side. Welcome to the Neon Empire.


  • Experience an RPG like no other. The game itself will focus on a small band of friends entering a robotroplis. Guide them through this dangerous and exciting robot world!

  • Class dancing based battle system allowing you to switch classes on the fly to utilize all of your special abilities and skills to formulate your own devastating strategies to crush all machinery standing in your way!
  • Get your retro on with some of Neon Empires finest jams!

  • Branching story lines allowing you to choose different characters with their own special stories, routes, bosses and much much more!

  • Traditional overhead exploration teamed up with side view platforming scenarios!

Vidcon Updates!

  • Aware of intro pacing issues. Will be fixed next release. 6/16/2014

  • Intro released!(early prototype)Expect lot's of text in first build. Feedback appreciated. 6/14/2014

Latest Blog

Can a mod plz delete this website. #trust

Hi. Hello. I hope people have not forgot who I am. M y friends call me Darkbby. How are all of my internet friends doing??? Jhave u all aged gracefully??? Please leave ur life story in comment box so I can exploit you in the future.

Gerberbaby page

Pages have been updated with some information. There are some robro's and robabes. I added a music page a while back but I never promoted it. If you want to hear a few sample tunes you can check that out. Don't miss out on some wicked phat beetz. It is like, a sweet release for ur ear-mushrooms. A personal favorite is Cargo.

Sadly, I had contacted the composer a while back and he has literally dropped off the face of the planet. If you're a composer who can create wicked "chumptunez" get in contact with me through pm with sample work so I can shower you with american dollar bills!

Really, if u got the chups I got the change. Do u have what it takes to carry on the mantle of a fallen hero???

The struggle is real when you cut content!

Dude, this is so true. I always feel torn having 100 ideas and for the sake of yourself and time you get to use possibly 2 or 3 of them. Knowing when to cut things and accepting that it can exist is very difficult when you design things and I believe it clutches a lot of "developers".

Originally I had planned for Rainbow Nightmare to have 9 characters for people to play as. I did not take into account battle mechanics, pacing, bloat issues, etc. The concept I had was to allow players branching character stories similar to FF6.

FF6 is a fantastic game in many ways, but my favorite part was the ability to choose a set of characters and experience their story arcs. My favorite was Celes and Locke, and I totally felt the entire game could be carried on that side story alone. I would argue that I got more out of the struggle these two characters had over the rest of the game. It felt more personal.

This entire scenario felt amazing and I wish it did not end.

Unfortunetly, the entire game got very bloated at the end. The irony for me is I feel a lot of games get better as you collect more characters.

Woah! Look at all these VIDCON characters?!? Which one has LIT3 or GOKU PALM??

I wanted to have a similar arc mechanic. Players would choose and play through the entire game as a set of characters. It's something I still want to do, and I've already done it on a smaller scale, but I had to cut a lot of stuff and drop quite a few characters. Which is difficult for me, because I had worked on them individually and built these huge set pieces and scenarios around them. Some characters entire arcs were close to being finished while others were barely touched.

I felt like it was too bloated. In the end it's something I want to do, but the truth is I am not a great writer. I started to feel that I was spreading my writing too thin by writing for 9 characters and I didn't want any of them to feel weak. Eventually its going to happen. Ultimately I decided to focus more on 3 to 4 characters. This is why game design interests me greatly. Not because of the inner workings of game theory, but the fact that a person can be mediocre at a bunch of skills like writing, pixels, art, etc while these are weak seperately together they can create an enjoyable experience. DAT IS REALITY, SKIDS!

Goodbye fkers!!!

Writing wasn't the only concern, when I started to finally approach battles and mechanics for those I felt having too many characters would result in them having similar skills and abilities. I want them to all feel unique and if I focus on fewer characters I think it will be more rewarding mechanically for players in the long run.

But it is not easy to just drop characters you write, plan, design around. At the same time, you realize it's better for the game and probably the people playing it.

Mechanics like conversing, items, etc.

This is rly stupid. Please stop this.

Branching conversations.

I'm going to make an attempt to encourage players to want to converse with NPC's and important characters more often than normally. Usually NPC's in games don't evolve or have anything of value to to say beyond the iniitial conversation.

To give players more incentive I want to reward them for talking NPC's regularly. If you talk to a specific character many times, eventually new conversations will appear after you've unlocked the original set of text logs. The conversations will keep branching until you've heard everything the NPC has to say. In return you will get rewarded with items or currency.

Each character is unique and can unlock side misions that relate to who they are and their personality. This way people can learn about characters, the lore of the game through side events and character interaction without it being forced.

On one hand it is a lot of work, on the other if you're going to take the time to create a world characters should feel like they belong in it and not as just things you click for no reason. My hope is that it appeals to compulsive completionists. I also do not want people to feel obligated to constantly talk to NPC's because they feel as if they'll miss a cool reward. It's something I'm actively working on.

Conversations will be logged so you can keep track of NPC's text progression.

Rewards from item boxes will be important.

This is going to a big thing in Rainbow Nightmare. During my past experience with traditional RPG's something that has always bothered me and to an extent disappointed me were rewards that you get from treasure boxes. Often these are in cryptic areas and the spols, even by finding them aren't that exciting or rewarding.

I've played indie RPG's and commercial RPG's where the treasure boxes are so hidden that you find them on accident and you expect a spiffy reward. Instead you get a handful of potions that you end up forgetting. Another issue is having treasure everywhere so it ultimately feels less rewarding and not fun.

Rainbow Nightmare Lewt.

The Loot B.O.Y.Z

Rainbow Nightmare is designed as a semi-linear game. I am trying to design the game to encourage back-tracking to previously explored areas. Loot Machines are treasure boxes hidden throughout each area you visit. The primary goal of a Loot Machine is to give rewards based off how many NC(game currency) you want to invest into them. You're given a random chance at 3 tiers of items once you've invested CP. Whenever you find a Loot Machine, the first time opening one is free. An early example:

From ancient RN scrolls/mcdouble wrapper (googledoc)

Much like the conversation mechanic, once you've unlocked everything the Loot Machine has to offer you will be given an additional reward. Once it's tapped, it will explode. Again, this is designed to promote player empowerment and reward them for actively seeking out Loot Machines. When you see a Loot Machine, I want players to feel like it will be worth engaging in obstacles and longer routes.

If players miss the items, every chapter the item box will scale accordingly so it will always reward something relevant to them.

Plz find him a good home by donating hundreds of euros 2 swiss bank account/scam starter.

I'm going to be pretty honest and say I have worked very slowly on this, but I want to assure people that it isn't lack of desire or anything. This project spawns an infinite number of incredible and fantastic ideas that I simply just don't have the time to tackle. I get to knock on this project maybe an hour every other day because of real life. Other times I just want to turn full Potato.

I love the game, love the possibilites, but dat shiitake just ain't going to fall in my lap. Maybe there will be a second demo at the end of winter. I'm really not sure. I had pretty high expectations for the Rm2k3 updates and for what it's worth they're great, but I don't think it's enough.

Here is a cool image if Rainbow Nightmare had a budget above 0 dollar bills. There will be a Rainbow Nightmare Arcade Machine in Octopus City Blues. Let's pray I can finish before it is released!

I barely post here, sometimes once a year I feel like updating people on the game situation. I don't like to shit post when it comes to game development blogs, because I think it's a waste of people time who are legitimately interested in your work. If you enjoy hearing about the development and progress of the game and want to see more posts. Feel free to subscribe to the page, maybe if I see a boost in subs I'll feel obligated to post more content. Honestly, I just think the traffic here doesn't exist. But it is good to drop poop in webblog 1 earth year.

I do have other posts saved, but I am close to my limit space for this webzone(givem e more locker space 4 existing txs)

You can also follow my work on Twitter. That's where I socialize and network with other developers now. I like 2slam Hideo on it. May we meet next time when the cherry blossoms bloom. Is tat wha t anime kids say now???
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an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
the beta of this alone changed my reality

an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
wow i am so glad lush is in this
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
she isn't that is just an old screenshot from the alex game.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
in that case way to f up your project T_T
TFT, this game looks really rad. I hope you continue to work on and eventually finish it!
I've always kinda overlooked this game because the graphical style was always a turn off to me to be fair. I respect custom graphics obviously, I just meant the intense use of colour.

But I've just noticed you're pulling some pretty hefty tricks with RM2k3 for this project. So now I'm subbed.
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
ah, i understand. pixel graphics in general is kind of a new thing for me, so i am still trying to find my groove. to cure the intense colors, it's mostly my monitor, because i actually create graphics on a different computer.

but i understand the concern. fortunately, it's easy to fix with a simple tint screen.
ah, i understand. pixel graphics in general is kind of a new thing for me, so i am still trying to find my groove. to cure the intense colors, it's mostly my monitor, because i actually create graphics on a different computer.

but i understand the concern. fortunately, it's easy to fix with a simple tint screen.

It's kinda cool in it's own way, it just gave the vibe of "a game I wouldn't enjoy".. But I like seeing 2k3 being messed with and ripped to shreds which it seems like you've done.

Actually, you know..

Ever play either Gunstar Heroes or MIschief Makers? RN's whole feel just reminds me of those games and I did enjoy those, to be fair :P
This looks great. Where is this Demo Download?
Any info on the actual gameplay features, battle system, etc. ?
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
It is traditional overhead exploration. I don't really have any plans for trivial features like smithing/day/night system.

What you can expect from the game is platforming elements, so for example dungeons will be introduced in two ways. overhead and then side view platforming. It's to give players more to do per dungeon, just not exploring.

The battle system is going to be class based. You'll have a prime class and 2 support classes per character. You build class points by attacking and using skills, and then when you build your meter you'll be able to switch between all 3 classes.

This gives you new skills, stats, etc per class. A good example would be if you had a boss, you build class points to change to a class that has status crippling. and then you switch back to a burst class. it's designed to allow players to compile their own strategies.

I hope that helps a little.
Sounds good to me. Thanks.
Hail Lady Libra! Is she some kind of aristocrat?
I want to know other, why she has silver hair while she has dark gray on artwork?
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
w..wow it is important to the plot. good eye...
I don't really care about story, because you changing it since 2008, I'm here because it has pretty picture.