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Leader of one of Rudira’s squad teams. Originally hired as a bookkeeper for the military, he was soon discovered to have exceptional talent for data collecting. Enlisted by Rudhira as a communications and radio specialist he was eventually assigned to squad leader for his quick thinking and ability to assess situations quickly. He was assigned to a group of soldiers unwilling to work with the rest of Rudhira. His team literally makes him ill.

Priss is the medic for Durams squad. A woman in her mid 20’s she was diagnosed with an illness that prevented her from being exposed in certain environments. Becoming a young prodigy in medical science, Rudhira approached the young woman with the promise of forbidden technology that could allow her to explore the outside world in exchange for assisting them and training medical staff secretly for Rudhira. She agreed.

Lutwig claims to be one of the highest ranking knights in the order of Sarahelm. He also claims to be royalty. Lutwig spins many tales that you can’t quite know if they’re true or false. An easy going and friendly character who prefer to wear bright and colorful outfits he serves as a Tarot Wizard and a melee specialist, something that is not compatible in the world of Rainbow Nightmare.

A recent addition to Rudhira’s forces, one of the few scientists assigned to Mechah Mechanical. Lisanne is an exceptionally gifted woman who is above average in intelligence and exceeds well at planning and assessing situations much like Duram. With her training completed, she is freshly shipped to the recently liberated Mechah Mechanical factory to assist in understanding and utilizing the technology that sleeps within it.