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Coffin Grendel's roam Mt. Aragote seeking human and other creatures to consume. They're Mechah Mechanicals prototype defenders. For some reason there seems to be only one remaining..

A ruthless Machine in the ranks of Neon Empire. Marlwulf has a strong distaste for all organic life in Sarahelm and is blindly loyal to the Machine King and his quest to purge Sarahelm. An easily irritated machine, Marlwulf feel’s he belongs on the battlefield and not in charge of policing machines within the city walls. He has a strong rivalry to one of the higher commanders of the Neon Empire military, General Corxx. Marlwulf will do anything to prove he is capable of leading soldiers.

The main Antagonist in RN Libra. The Professor is one of the highest ranking human scientists in Neon Empire. She is an expert in chemical, medical, and genetics. She longs for the perfect test subject.

A small recon machine a little larger than an average Sebuta. Formally apart of the Sebuta Action Police Unit under the command of Captain Marlwulf. Bastard seeks greatness beyond his primary directive. Becoming aware, he has no limits to his artificial intelligence. Looking out for himself seems to be his new directive. He will destroy machine or man in order to obtain what he desires most. Power.

The leading authority in chemical and mechanical weapons development, Dr. Hilbert is the definition of “mad scientist”. Dr. Hilbert was in charge of the mountain facility Mechah Mechanical before Rudhira took over and he was forced to flee back to Neon Empire, fearing he would be terminated or worse, his information and technology leaked.

Mechah Mechanical is home to many weapons of destruction. With an equal amount of robotic babes. Wardoll is both.

There were many experiments to be had in Mechah Mechanical. Bottom's up is one of them. Forcing together several AI to create a powerful machine. Bottom's up proved to be too powerful and unpredictable to control, so it was locked away deep in Mechah Mechanical. It eagerly awaits to get it's hands on Hilbert or anything that happens to come near it.


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I might have asked before but surely you're a fan of Mischief Makers/Gunstar Heroes/Treasure games in general?
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
yeah, i mean gunstar heroes is universally beloved. i mean, i don't go out of my way to play it, but mischief makers and gunstar heroes are a wild experience. i probably like mischief makers a little more, but i wouldn't say i follow treasure games religiously. it's more like "oh these are cool".

they do some really clever things, and try to produce different effects, much like contra. unfortunately i played contra hardcorp before gunstar, so it was like "yawn" because once you've experienced the crazy stuff they do it's hard to top it.

it's funny because, sometimes it's not really about the game (mischief makers has great gameplay) but more about the characters in game or just the universe itself, which makes mischief makers just so,so good. it really defines the world, and that's really neat because you want to explore it.

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