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vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

  • TFT
  • 06/25/2012 02:34 PM
vacant sky awakening recently tried to "kickstart" it's way to success by generating 20k from people via crowdfunding. "reinventing" classical rpgs. a very bold thing to say, almost as bold as penny arcade's rain precipice for darkness saying in a lot of way's saying their game is visually "superior" than snes rpgs. first of all, fuck you dude, please do not make these ridiculous statements, especially when penny arcade is throwing the least amount of money to create

ff6 edits: check
grandia battle system: check
hand drawn images not blending with pixels: check

i totally agree. it is vastly superior than:


reinventing rpgs. with the crowdfunding goal of 20k. is 20k a lot? i would assume it is by any standard. let's take a look at the trailer, and you decide.

so you're treated with a lot of voice acting and then anime images panning across the screen. fair enough, that's not bad at all. i can let the anime slide because that is just, this generations standard for "art". the problem lies when you see actual gameplay. not only do you have charset move up, it's so hollow, so uninspiring that it's just, i couldn't believe this thing is trying to generate 20k. the battle system is unfinished there is absolutely no sneak peak in the trailer at all for the "reinventing" of rpgs. infact, the video software that does the impressive visual effects is more entertaining than the game itself.

i will tell you how much rtp move up generated just by this trailer alone. almost 10k. now, if the set amount is 20k, which is ridiculous, and if the guy who created this game (this is a team effort btw lol wut) does the crowd funding again, and drops it to 10k, you know he's just trying to get any kind of money for whatever reason. someone actually asked what the money would be used for and the reply was deadspace.

where is the reinventing? all i see is a guy trying to slip through the cracks trying to get a ton of fucking money for as little work as possible. i'm going to say this right now, because i truly believe this, and that is i want rm designer to succeed. i want nothing more than to see these amazingly creative people get taken seriously. but when we have guys like this saying you're reinventing rpg's with rtp garbage, and try to sell it commercially you're just apart of the problem.

if you're going to crowdfund. and if you're going to ask for 20k. that's a REALLY big step, and that's a really big deal. and you know what dude, the least you, or anyone else can do is put the fucking effort behind it. get a prototype, make the game on your own, stop using stock resources not even created for your game. it's a joke, man, that you have the melons to actually post a game like that asking for 20k.

you might be thinking, tft, get out baddie, fair enough, but i'm not specifically addressing vacant sky. let's take a look unemployment quest.

generated 10k. and for what? the guy has 10k, okay. he isn't even humanly capable of getting a composer to fit the games musical quality. that should be a red flag right there. this guy is so bad, he didn't even take the time and effort to do anything with the battle set up, yeah, he used the default "everything". why exactly is he being rewarded for this? 10 for a faceset with a weird rape face.

Anyone can produce something resembling an "old school" game in RPG Maker within several seconds. This does not mean they are an "indie" game developer, or capable of a level of design and production worthy of anyone's pledge. Before supporting a project, ascertain that the developer is communicating clear, specific ideas about his design and vision for the game. Vague, tired platitudes about how "classic" or "traditional" it's going to be are not a guarantee of quality. Design philosophy, gameplay specifics, and solid reasoning are things to look for when determining which projects to fund. Use your eyes and brain before throwing money at any kid with a copy of RPG Maker. Quality, skill, and dedication should be evident.


A comment the creator made on this video and deleted:

Dude, why does my game's success make you so upset? If you? use RPG Maker you should be aware that it takes more than 30 seconds to craft something worth playing. And charging $5 for a copy is considerably less than most commercial RPG Maker games. I'm sorry my game upsets you so much. But it's not like I ever said it wasn't made in RPG Maker and the ability to sell RPG Maker games has long been one of the selling points of the program.


Even if you say it's RPG Maker, most people aren't aware of what that entails and don't know that the content you are showing already exists in the engine when you click "New Project". They just see something that looks like a "Classic RPG" and can't discern between pre-made content and a genuine effort. Asking for money when you can't even be bothered to change something as simple as the default monster formations is shameful, and presenting it as your own work (for which you expect to be compensated) is insincere. Buyer beware, etc.

unemployment quest guy, fuck you bro. people like you getting carried is the reason vacant sky thinks it can too.

here it comes. the grand daddy of all. holy shit it just might blow your socks off. i'm scared to even write about it, because it's so taboo. echoes of eternia. the mother of all crowdfunding scams when it comes to rpgmaker. where does one even begin? i... i can't. i can't do this to someone who might read this. it's just too painful. i refuse.

since theres no youtube, theres no official website for this i would post the crowdfunding link, but it is just too disgusting. 40k friends. 40k.

oh my god, dude, stop hiding your shitty game behind clever wording! now, you're probably saying to yourself. lolujelly bro. sure, why not. let's get that out of the way. i am jealous that people can produce no effort and no work, and get paid like a boss. i'm not jealous of their work though. um, it's just that there is all this weird stuff happening outside the rm community, i feel like this should be broadcasted to you because it feels like rm designers live on another planet sometimes.

even to the moon was a stretch. it was an alright concept, considering it had 0 gameplay. and the fact that it lagged so bad on my brand new computer.

look man, it sounds harsh, but believe me, i love indie games, i love games in general. i love the concept of creation and creativity. the power to do incredible things. i don't have a problem with people who want to toy around and make rtp games and using the resources available to them to make a project. i do have a problem with people who think they should be getting 40k for doing so.

if you're prepared to make that step, put the fucking effort into the game you assholes. i know the circle jerk community gives the illusion that your game is the new final fantasy 6, but it's not dude, there are people in the indie scene doing crazy amazing things while you're still using rtp tiles.

i love indie, i love supporting games. fez was made by 2 people, super meat boy is made by a few people. iconoclasts, let's talk about iconoclasts.

one guy, managed to create amazing music for himself, the most bitchin' graphics, incredible gameplay, and it's a unique experience. this should be the standard, but it's not. games like this should be funded. and it's a tragedy if it isn't.

as long as these games like unemployment quest keep getting successful, it just keeps pushing that idea that rm games are infact shitty, and a joke. there are many games here that i would easily pay 5 bucks to experience. but those games also put to time and the effort to be different and unique, even with the resource restriction, and you can tell the difference in quality.

if you think i'm a dick, don't agree, i'm jelly, etc, ect. fair enough. i respect your opinions, that's totally your right. i wouldn't blame you.

if these rants interest you, there will be plenty more at



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BTW, mister Vacant Sky, how does it feel to know some idiot with no history of game-making made more money through KS than you, a person with an established fan base and plenty of experience under your belt. Fair, isn't it?

I totally agree with you, DE. Again, I was never saying that EoE is going to be a great game or that people should fund it. There are a ton of things wrong with their Kickstarter. I just want people to criticize it for things that are actually true.
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
yes we've established that. you've said it 100 times. thank you. the internet is relieved you exist to confirm that you've said that.
I keep saying it because no one's responding to it. I didn't want my actual point to get lost in all the side arguments.

Seriously, I would be happy to retract my claim that you're being malicious if you actually offered a satisfactory defense, but I guess it's pretty clear by now that you have no intention of doing that! I'm not here out of personal spite or to stir up drama or anything if that's what you think. I just think you (and everyone repeating what you said) are being unfair and that you should stop. If you think anything I said is wrong, I'd be happy to discuss it further.

That said, of course I don't actually think you're going to change your behavior just because I pointed it out. I guess I posted mainly because I don't want neutral third parties to get the wrong idea and then stayed because it seemed like people were misunderstanding my point.
Instead of everyone being butthurt that someone has managed to take their (supposedly terrible, unoriginal) game and make money out of it, perhaps we should more actively promote our own (supposedly superior, original) games and make money out of them..?

... But I guess that would be harder than whining about it like bitches.
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Yeah, fuck you too, asshole.

God forbid people talk about something that bothers them and exchange opinions on the matter. There's always some dumbfuck who tell others that instead of whining about the 1% they should get their shit together and start a bank too. Or make a better game. As if it has any bearing on the topic.

News flash, you wanker, maybe other game makers don't wish to sell their game for money, but it pains them to see some poor schmucks be tricked into giving some guy money for essentially nothing. Did that thought occur to you or are you just here to spout some fucking tired Internet memes and offend fellow RMN-ers instead of using your brain to form legitimate opinions?

Sorry for the outburst, but every time this asshole opens his mouth I want to strangle him.
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WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
reward all games!!!
Fall Griever's response was pretty caustic. He's not warned because...?
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Sorry for the outburst, but every time this asshole opens his mouth I want to strangle him.

semper fi
I think its funny that he would give such a harsh review to Forever's End, when Vacant Sky is clearly worse (in my opinion.) I think that graphically (and almost all other ways,) Forever's End is much better.
It's like toothpicks against a tank
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Surprised I didn't see this before.

I think that it's the idiots who fall for traps like these that are at fault, honestly. If most people ever bothered to do the slightest amount of research on RPG Maker, the use of kickstarter here wouldn't be an issue.

That said...the trailer for Vacant Sky: Awakening was...let's just say I haven't cringed that hard in a while.
Noticed this today..
(by ByCrayDragon on RPGmakerVXforums)
Okay, so Echoes of Eternia borrowed a free graphic. Okay.

But..art theft? That is sad. I contacted the original artist and he told me he didn't give permission.


http://kiwinuptuo.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=72#/d2fbhd1 (note the date he put that one up)
The last set of trees are similar but not the same. This is not uncommon in the pixel art realm.
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