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I will be back.....

one day.

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Just a few things

The game isn't dead but I don't know when I'll be getting back to work on it.

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  • 08/11/2009 11:29 PM
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a game with a darker story is always nice, because you can tie it into the real world a bit more readily and have people identify or feel for it more, always a good quality in an rpg or other story-based game.

however all the violence and the ~dark gritty underworld~ seems really forced and excessive. judging by your description it's not a unique game with adult themes, but rather a very bland and generic story with a bunch of forced violence and sex just to make it look darker. if you want to make something that will make people think, or at least see it as something different, you need to make it flow naturally.

just refine it, and maybe get someone (like me, i'll give you my paypal info) to proofread it, and you could have something solid.

and change the name, 'X of Y' is a very overdone thing.

Hello, crime fantasy! :)
You made a good atmosphere for the game!
Thanks Mary
and Kef the violence and 'dark griity underworld' areneed as apart of the game I'm currently reworking the story to flow better.
Its supposed to be are needed
Looks like it will become a promising game. I can't wait to be able to try this out! I have always liked stories about "darkness" as part of the story!
He didn't say violence and dark grit weren't needed, he said they were forced. And GAWD, does this look forced! It's an unimaginative checklist of darker and edgier! "Hmm, what will make this game dark...oh, I know! Drug addicts and sexual predators! Yeah! And people will say 'damn' and use guns! AND I'LL PLAY COLDPLAY MUSIC!"

"A women with forbidden powers and hatred for all men"

So basically a lesbian.
I downloaded and had a short playthrough with your game. There is a few collision oddties like being unable to walk over a plant. Also in some cutscenes the music dosn't flow quite as well, example being the introduction at the church and the three years later bit where the same track carry's over from the previous scene. Back on graphics the section where all the nun's heads are being chopped up needs some blood effects to show the brutality of the main character.

Finally there is a massive diffculty spike in the battles where you encounter a blue blob thing right after fighting those hardcore soilder's in the forest. I pretty much died and closed it down afterwards, I like the concept but it needs more balancing in battles and more polishing up.
This all just my opinion but hopfully we'll see a intriguing game once it's finished =)

I proberly do a review sometime over the weekend for you, if you want more feedback
The game didn't really have a difficulty spike, thats just the normal difficulty. The game is hard if you don't read the guide in the first battle and if don't figure out how to use the stances and abilities together. But I would like you to do a review if possible.
Sorry I kinda jumped into it without reading the guide beforehand, but yeah I'll get a review done by tomorrow or saturday for you.
This hasn't been updated in a while, Coy13 I hope your still working on this and hasn't been abandoned. Do you have any updates on progress of the current build. Even though I gave a mostly negative review I'm still interested and hope I didnt discourage you :(
Sorry that I haven't updated in a while but I'm stilling working on Xelos. I just stopped working on the game itself so I could retool the story to make it better. Xelos will never die!!!
dunno if the game is dying, but i sure did. about 10 minutes into the game a random encounter critted me for ~1000 damage which is above my max HP and I got oneshotted. Then my party got poisoned which I couldnt cure because the cure guy was the one who got oneshotted on turn 1. So I died. That is all for me.
My mind is full of fuck.
Get back to it soon as possible.
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