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This was a game I made when I was fourteen. That was way back in...2003 I believe. I made it for my advanced technology class as a year end project. I found it recently, and decided to polish it up and finally call it 'complete'. This game ends as Part 1, considering making a full fledged RPG would have been overkill for the class, but it is still fairly lengthy for what I put into it. I kept things like spelling mistakes and bad grammar for the sake of nostalgia, but I polished things up like balance, spells, flow and the like. And many, MANY bugs have been fixed. I hope you enjoy it.

The mercenary Shaun has stolen the blueprints for what seems to be a newly developed weapon that the Rezok regime has been constructing. Shaun is part of a resistance movement called The Reavers, who are destined to clash with the mysterious regime in the effort to find out their true motives. This quest will take you high and low as you are tasked with getting to Rezok before it is too late to prevent catastrophic terror upon the world.

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I must be going insane. That Lv. 99 bug at the beginning of the game COMPLETELY escaped me. Well, now it is fixed and good to go, so if anyone downloaded it earlier and was ticked off at that bug, then I assure you that this is the proper version.

I'm also thinking about working on another addition to this series... maybe a remake with completely original graphics, sounds etc. It's been years since I made anything though, so something different would be nice for me as a designer. Who knows what will come next? :)
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