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You wake up shipwrecked on an island filled to the brim with ancient ruins and deep forests, brimming with treasure across every acre. Upon your arrival you're informed by the greedy owner of the island that if you want to get off it you'll have to work for it- by dragging up as much treasure as you possibely can. While on the island you can build your very own house, collect over 50 unique items, fish, and more! And don't forget the heart of the game, Treasure Hunting, where you must run through randomly generated forests, ruins, and swamps trying to grab as much treasure as possible while bravely fighting the monsters that lurk within. But be quick of it, if you don't return to the entrance in the time limit it's game over! Also features a unique animated ASCII art style.

Note: This game was not finished and the last worked on alpha version is provided for download here for your amusement. It breaks roughly after the second area's first boss. You may be able to access the third area (which has completley unbalanced enemies) but you'll never be able to beat the game. The game ships with a hacked third save file that starts you with an inventory with every item in the game so you can mess around with items that weren't added in the areas availible in the alpha.

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Wow, a german title.
Makes the game cool :)
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Why is this cancelled?
It was cancelled in like 2004 or so. Basically it started as a test to see if I could write an action RPG system for another game that I'd be doing later and then branched out into its own crazy thing and died for who knows what reason.
This is awesome
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