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Okay, final release submitted last night was just accepted, so now the game's done, only two years later than it should've taken. That does mean there's some nice stuff in this version. If you've played through the demo, it's worth replaying the first two levels for the most part. Here's why:
- Searching! Everything is searchable now
- Dialogue rewrite in some areas. It's a little more clear what's going on and the ending makes more sense now
- Rebalancing. You're no longer going to gain 80% of your levels in the first two areas, either.

If you'd rather not replay though, save files are mostly compatible. If you want to fix the abilities bug, flip switch 19 and everything should return to normalcy... maybe.

Otherwise, if this is your first play, enjoy yourself, and find those magi! Let me know if there are any bugs and I'll see what I can do. I intend to make a few changes in the next couple days anyway.


Beta testing and upcoming release

Hey, so it looks like everything's on track for a release in the next two to three weeks. The last level, L5, still needs to be ironed out a bit and L4 needs some balance tweaks, but right now everything's working and moderately bug-free. Well, bug-free to the best of my knowledge.

On that note, I'm looking for 1-2 people (probably just one) interested in beta testing before the public release. As much as I've tried to ensure that no stone goes unturned in terms of stuff to do in the game, there's always some issues at launch time. So I figured I'd do the smart thing this time and enlist some help. If you're interested, post here or message me and I can fill you in on the details.

Oh, also the profile page and CSS was changed around a bit and there's a new page for the characters.


Production resumed

Well, just got back into the game. This is probably my last RM2K project, so it's a shame to leave it unfinished like this. Level 3 was debugged and redesigned a bit, and the rest of the game rebalanced. Level 4 is under construction, and after that, only one level to go. The game should be done some time in August. Otherwise I don't know when it will be finished.

LCPANES is finished but Snowbound is still under production, so between that and work, time might be a little thin, but so far I've managed to put an hour or so a day into this, and with the project's length, two months isn't at all unrealistic.


Back on hiatus

Ha, sorry, I haven't really touched this since level 3 was completed. I'll be coming back to this no earlier than December. For now, Blockbound and Hallowombat are eating all of my time, and I'll be writing for Snowbound during November. However, I'll be able to make notes for level 4 during that time, and during Winter break, hopefully I'll crank out a new level. And that may or may not involve a demo... If not a demo, the full thing.


Level 3 completed, no new demo for now...

Okay, the "Rotation Labryinth" is complete, featuring a nice party split and the first bossfight, but I don't feel it's ready for a release at the moment. The game's 60% (maybe 80& counting mechanics) so it seems strange to release a demo when it's close, but then again I'll be getting busy again the next few weeks and I'm not sure I can find time for the project... Two levels left!

Also, redid a few mechanics things a bit... Leveling up is now a bit harder (had issues with reaching level 7/10 at the second floor; that's just not right). Also, monsters are now a bit harder, but are more vulnerable to status conditions and have bigger weaknesses. Condition effectivity is all-round up.


Good news!

I've started working on this again. No guarantee that it'll be finished this time around, but I'll get through two more levels at least. Also expect a few structural changes... The skill system needs some revision because characters are leveling too fast. The level 10 cap will probably stay though. Anyway, expect another demo in a week or two.


This will be resurrected. Just not right now.

I was going back through my projects to collect promotional material-y stuff. and came back to Project Icthyology. I then replayed it for a couple minutes and realized I really like it. The only reason production halted on this thing was because I needed both hands to work on Project Block, which is still *heavily* underway. So I spent ten minutes whipping up a title screen that wasn't as awful as the last one (a two-minute production) and there it is. But that's all the time I'm putting in now.

When the Block demo is released at the end of the month I'll start coming back to this more regularly and at least put in a few more levels. If anyone out there is following this and has any suggestions, that would be wonderful. And bug reports. If anything's glitching up I'll put out a bugfix ASAP. Thanks!
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