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This will be resurrected. Just not right now.

I was going back through my projects to collect promotional material-y stuff. and came back to Project Icthyology. I then replayed it for a couple minutes and realized I really like it. The only reason production halted on this thing was because I needed both hands to work on Project Block, which is still *heavily* underway. So I spent ten minutes whipping up a title screen that wasn't as awful as the last one (a two-minute production) and there it is. But that's all the time I'm putting in now.

When the Block demo is released at the end of the month I'll start coming back to this more regularly and at least put in a few more levels. If anyone out there is following this and has any suggestions, that would be wonderful. And bug reports. If anything's glitching up I'll put out a bugfix ASAP. Thanks!