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Beta testing and upcoming release

Hey, so it looks like everything's on track for a release in the next two to three weeks. The last level, L5, still needs to be ironed out a bit and L4 needs some balance tweaks, but right now everything's working and moderately bug-free. Well, bug-free to the best of my knowledge.

On that note, I'm looking for 1-2 people (probably just one) interested in beta testing before the public release. As much as I've tried to ensure that no stone goes unturned in terms of stuff to do in the game, there's always some issues at launch time. So I figured I'd do the smart thing this time and enlist some help. If you're interested, post here or message me and I can fill you in on the details.

Oh, also the profile page and CSS was changed around a bit and there's a new page for the characters.