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IMPORTANT NOTE: This game uses heavily a customized RGSS system and is still in development, so any current release may contain game-crashing bugs.


100% Custom Interface: Players command the party using a targetting dial that identifies important features of a room and the ways to interact with them.

Randomly-generated Game World - The layout of areas and the locations of key items are determined randomly at the beginning of each new game.

Customizable Characters: Spend experience points to improve your character using an intuitive, user-directed training interface.

Original Graphics: Original characters, creatures, items and splash art.

A Chilling Sci-fi Horror Setting - A setting and storyline influenced by sources as diverse as System Shock 2, Freelancer, Dead Space, John Carpenter's The Thing, and Dante's Inferno.


According to one theory, Earth's moon was formed by collision with another planetoid early in our solar system's history. This theoretical planetoid is known as Theia, the mother of Selene (the moon) in early Hellene mythology.

The theory states that Theia would have been completely consumed in the collision, its mass integrated with Earth's.

Why, then, in the outer reaches of the Oort cloud, where astronomers expect to find only comets and isolated bodies of ice, has a planet been found whose composition exactly compliments planet Theia of the Giant Impact theory? Almost a light-year away from the Sun, it hangs on by a mere slip of a gravitational tether, and would certainly have been long lost to the system were its orbit not almost immeasurably slow.

Wherever it came from, it was the last beacon of hope for White Horse Enterprises, a sluggish corporation whose dewy-eyed business ethics made it uncompetitive in the corrupt, overpopulated world of 2072. They established a mining facility on Planet Theia as a showcase for their progressive, philanthropic business practices. In the words of White Horse's CEO: "This venture will go forward, and it will establish a precedent that only an act of God can supersede."

The venture seemed doomed for bankruptcy until a survey drone uncovered what appeared to be an alien artifact, deep under the planet's surface. Desperately needing to capitalize on the discovery, the admins have planned an investor's gala in the P. Lowell Executive Chalet, a small luxury resort with a stunning view of the mining installation, where the artifact will be unveiled to the public.

... And now, for some reason, you've just woken up on the floor of your sleep quarters. You have no recollection of the last week, and your co-workers have turned into monsters. Your only guidance is a droning automated announcement system and the clues your colleagues left behind before losing their minds.

Welcome to Planet Theia. It's always dark out.

Latest Blog

So it's been 2 years.

Here is another project I started if any people are interested:


The idea was that it would be a "normal" RPG using default systems, and thus take less than a decade to finish, before starting into a more "serious" project. Because time and the inevitable fizzling of determination are the great enemy of RPG Maker.

Nevertheless it took about 14 months to put out the first chapter out of 6.


Strange bug: I'm at the electrified bulkhead to the admin station. There's an alert going on. I send my main ahead to check things out. He goes right, and then down with his two action points, and all of a sudden it's not him but Derichard (who I left behind) entering the cafe. My main is still on the second screen.
Possible rail-jump: it may be possible to miss your third character by having fixed the radiation leak in the arcade before going to the ops subsection. I don't know if this derails any plot stuff or not. Figured I would mention in.
Unexplained radiation bug appears to have just been an irradiated condition, but no notification of the condition was given by the game. Maybe a pop-up the first time it happens, or a status symbol next to the character's portrait would help?
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Hey, thanks to your detailed description of the gun-ammo thing, I managed to find the bug that was causing that problem. :) It has to do with the "Give" command in the menu, so move items around with the Organization key instead. I can't "patch" that problem since I've all ready advanced the code to the point that old save games are obsolete ... :X

I also got rid of the test1 test2 thing, which were just programmer comments. And yes, the radiated condition does linger after you leave the source of radiation, although it is not expressed very explicitly in this version. Although when you open the menu, you should see a green bar across the character's portrait representing the amount of radiation status left.

Thanks again! :D
More feedback!

Crashbug in the cineplex. Tried to have Cambridge heal my main with a med kit. Her operate skill was unaltered. Percent chance for success was 50%. The kit failed, and then the game spat the following message at me and crashed.

Unable to find Audio/SE/SE/Item_build
Two bugs, right on top of each other.

Went into the broken holosuite with just Derichard. Began fixing broken conduits. Only took -3 damage each turn from radiation, despite the rad level starting at eight and then dropping by even increments of 2 to zero.

Left the holosuite with Derichard, and hit shift to bring up inventory as he was still walking back to position in the adjoining room with the trident. Game spat up "window negotiation fail" and then opened the inventories. Derichard and my main's inventories were overlapping.
Crashbug, immediately after.

I hadn't fixed the last broken thingy in the holosuite, so I sent Derichard back to the adjoining room for some wire. He picked it up, had to rad hypo himself twice to stop taking rad damage, and then went back for round two with the conduit.

Attempted to repair at 75% success chance. Magnesium wire was used. Repair failed. Screen went black.


NameError occurred while running script.

undefined local variable or method 'instance' for # <Tag_Executor:0x825e8e8>
Window negotiation fail seems to be tied to main character opening inventory on room before broken holosuite. Not sure why this is.
Window negotiation fail in the save room next to cheryl ming. Opened Cambridge's inventory, selected medkit, went to heal Derichard, then decided against it and hit esc. Window negotiation fail popped up and I ended up with a bunch of overlayed inventories again.

On the plus side, I am absolutely loving this game. It's got the depth of system shock, with better pacing, and manages to successfully incorporate concepts from both bioshock and martian gothic without falling prey to the problems that plagued both games.
Implementation problem.

Have a psi hypo in Cambridge's inventory. Selected 'use' option, described as 'use item on self.' Hypo would not let me select Cambridge. Had to select one of the other teammates to hypo. This is either a bug, or the 'use' option needs to be greyed out for hypos.
Not even sure what caused this one, but definitely bug.

Cambridge (who I keep trying to call Cheryl, and I don't know why) had three psi hypos in inventory. She had two mp, we entered combat, and she dropped to zero. Combat ended, and I gave the hypos to my main, who used them on her. Still three hypos left. Okay, used a few more. Still three hypos left. Spammed hypos like crazy, bringing whole team up to full mp. Still three hypos left.

In case this was in some way related to the delay between use of psychic powers and loss of mp, I moved screens a couple of times to see if the hypos would suddenly vanish or the game would glitch out. Nope.

Three unlimited hypos. Booyah.
Hypo use went back to normal after saving, quitting, loading, and picking up a new psy hypo. Glitch is non-permanent.

edit: nope. re-duplicated the glitch. Went back to the same room and triggered it again. Gave 3 psi hypos from Cambridge to main after battle. Main used them. No hypos were consumed in the process.

Also more window negotiation fails on opening inventories.

Demo completed.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Thanks for the reports! I believe I've fixed the bugs having to do with characters switching places and stuff. And sadly the infinite hypos exploit is also no more.


Thanks for seeing the demo through to the end. :)
No problem. Pretty much regardless of bugs, Set Discrepancy was massively fun to play. I'll happily test the new versions as they come out.

It sounds like you've fixed everything I've come across, except for the magnesium wire conduit repair crashbug, and the windows negotiation fail inventory bug.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
It sounds like you've fixed everything I've come across, except for the magnesium wire conduit repair crashbug, and the windows negotiation fail inventory bug.

It's true. :( All in time though! Hopefully. Thx u again
You probably know about it already but I was playing the newer demo through wit a friend and got a full game-ending crash in the middle of a battle. I didn't get a chance to catch the error message or anything because my friend was playing at the time and he just closed it straight away.

If I come across it again, or any other crashes/error messages I'll let you know, naturally :>

In other moanings.. WHEN. NEXT. DEMO. O_O?
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me

I've finished most of the graphics building for Chapter 3 so it's just a matter of scripting events. Then there will be another release. Sadly save games have been made obsolete again. :(

Seriously, though. Can't wait for chapter three, and getting to start again will mean that I get to build an effective character this time.
Sadly save games have been made obsolete again. :(

Dat carrier-ride o_o

How many times will I take you, carrier-ride? o_o
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Sadly save games have been made obsolete again. :(
Dat carrier-ride o_o

How many times will I take you, carrier-ride? o_o

If you don't answer the radio it's quite brief.
You can also skip to later chapters with the Setup Party menu option.