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Raciela is an RPGMaker 2003 game that's not about saving the world, but instead centers around the crew of a pirate ship named the "Lady Raciela" and the people they encounter. The premise of the story was created a few years ago, and the game itself started as a way to test custom sprites. Seeing as though this is a side-project, the game should be between 8-10 hours once (read: if) finished.

  • Custom sprites.
    Modified DBS.
    SBS (Ship Battle System) .
    Guest System.
    Treasure Hunting System.

Latest Blog

Chapter 2 Has Arrived!

You thought I was gone? Come on, be honest! Well, for a while I was; around August of last year a wild car appeared out of nowhere and smashed the hell out of my car (see below):

Yeah, it was every ounce of bad as it looks (*tears up*). I've never been in an accident that serious before, but thankfully there were no fatalities. However, my back was MESSED up, which made sitting anywhere for extended periods of time -- let alone in front of a computer -- difficult. After months of rehab, I recovered just in time to finish my schooling. That ended a month ago, and since then, I've been using my free time to finish Chapter 2 (which is uploading as I type). Now that it's finished, I'm probably going to take a break from Raciela and try working on Story of Innocence. We all know how ephemeral the urge to work on RPG Maker is, and I want to take full advantage of it.

The release has two saves: one for those who never played the Chapter 2 demo and deleted their end-of-Chapter 1 save file, and the other for those who played the Chapter 2 demo but deleted their save file for that. If you have save files from either, they should be compatible with this release. Also, there was suppose to be a segment featuring a ship battle, but I decided to move that to Chapter 3 as I did not feel like re-learning the "code" of that feature. I hope you enjoy Chapter 2; post any bugs/errors you encounter and I'll patch them as quickly as possible!

P.S. The download also includes Chapter 1.
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  • 08/24/2009 02:13 AM
  • 01/05/2021 10:07 AM
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Nice job on the custom sprite work! Also it's nice to see an RPG with a refreshing time period/setting such as this.
This is really cool man, I never thought I'd see you back in the RM fray. Not enough piratey games around.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Way to work a very underloved genre! I look forward to this.
Yeah, this looks really promising! Looking forward to it.
Thanks for all the positive feedback! About the sprites: I like how they turned out, but hopefully they'll improve over time. I still have a lot to learn about spriting (especially animating).
I know from personal experience that Ultima is hot stuff. Be sure to check out this game when it's out folks! He most likely won't hype anything himself so I'll take his place for that :).

Also the sprites came out nice Ultima, it's much better/more refreshing then a lot of other RM games. I really like the message system and the maps look great as usual.

I'll keep my eye out on this (and so should you guys!).
I especially like the pirate ship screenshot. Very polished!
Just like to say I really like the setting too... If a lot of the game is done at sea I would be happy (ship battle minigame FTW).
@the_illusionist: If you are looking for a pirate ship arcade game, check out Pirates: Legend of the Silver Crescent!
Devil's in the details
How have I been missing this by so far? This project seems really interesting - I'm looking forward to it.
Is this game gonna have anything to do with Eternal Star?Is it a prequel/sequel.
Looks awesome though can't wait till it comes out.
Nah, this game has nothing to do with Eternal Star.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
This looks pretty cool and fresh, your dialogue looks good etc.
This game looks remarkable! I'm very excited to see it move forward. The characters have wonderful names and bios and the screenshots you've given us are very intriguing! Keep up the good work, sir!
Looks pretty polished! Good work! Looking forward to this one.
Thx, digital & Strangeluv. And to be honest, Strangeluv, I gained some inspiration for this from the pirate part of A Home Far Away.
The character portraits remind me of New Horizons from the SNES. That said, I look forward to seeing this finished someday.
My mind is full of fuck.
^ Ditto. Soon as saw those facesets. Goddamned subbed.
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