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Chapter One Release

Hey, everyone, I just dropped in to announce the release of chapter one. Yeah, I'm splitting this into three chapters; chapter one and three will be about the same length, and chapter two will probably be the longest. I know this isn't a full release, but because of my life I do what I can when I can. Anyway, the download should be up soon, and it's about two hours. I'd also like to thank my beta-testers (even if some of you didn't get a chance to play); I really appreciated the feedback. I played through it myself a couple of times and I believe I caught the most glaring errors. Besides, anything wrong balancing-wise with chapter one can be rectified in chapter 2. So, I think that about does it. All criticism is welcomed - both positive and negative.

P.S. Window 7 users may have trouble playing it if they don't have the right audio codecs installed. If you're one of those people, go to http://xiph.org/dshow/
and download the OGG codec pack. Thanks to ElectricalKat for posting the link.

P.P.S. If you're low on money, sell tradable items, or gamble.


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RMN sex symbol
You can gamble? Haha.
Yep, it's not complicated, but it does the trick :)
My mind is full of fuck.
Awesome, kind of like the suikoden system.
wow!!! a very happy surprise! i will be playing this like immediately
Whoa! Whoa! Seriously? I thought this was dead! ...I know, I know. O me, of little faith. ...I'll go sit in a corner now. =(

Downloading! =P
Well, better late (and incomplete) than never.
If anyone wants to only install an OGG codec (and not an entire codec package), you could download an installer from this site:


This should work for you if you get a billion error boxes.
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