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This is Harry Potter 1...but with a twist. Instead of a naive widdle kid, Harry (nee Popo) is pretty cynical for someone who just turned 11. Also, there are some nosy magioscientists who need a few helping...aposible thumbs...to help out with their convoluted experimentation. So, who should Popo and his friends Ron (the bumbling sidekick) and Hermione (the Navi of this game) bump into while screwing around? It's almost too perfect. Within a few short months, the three are being teleported cross-dimensionally to who knows where.

I should take a moment here to explain something very important: The game is really in two parts. Part One is quite similar to the novel and took its self seriously. It was also aimed at third graders. O_o. The second part is mostly a compilation of some rather nifty puzzles interspersed with various plot crap that nobody cares about or likes, so its mostly brief.

If at any time you run into a problem, don't hesitate to ask me. Problem could be either you don't know what to do or the game completely messed up. I'd really like to make this game very playable.


\N /Popo: This is your main character. You get to name him. He is fairly sarcastic, a view on life cultivated by his prolonged entombment in a cupboard nearly his entire life. The fact that he is a destined hero, wizard, famous, ect. does not really phase him.

Ron: This guy is pretty stupid. He spends most of his time tagging along with his old chum Popo whom he just met a few minutes ago. He knows just enough about Hogwarts to serve as Popo's guide until someone much more qualified shows up.

Hermione: Since the name "Hermione" originally came from the Odyssey (as Helen's daughter) Hermione is nothing like the classic. She is a know it all whose only purpose in life is to follow rules and be that "much more qualified" person from above. After a hilarious incident where Hermione nearly ends up dead, she, Popo and Ron become fast friends because they did it with the power of teamwork.

Dumbledore: This cheap knock-off of Gandalf serves one purpose: To... Oh wait, never mind. He is completely superfluous and is only there to move a piece of furniture, oh, around Chapter 11. Very fatherly (hem hem) and views Popo as a kindred soul led astray, but a good chap underneath it all (whew, said that with a straight face).

Snape: He is a generic bad guy with a vague grudge against Popo for unspecific reasons. Seems to have a thing for kicking students' teeth in.

Professor Nuzz: Not actually in the book, that's a first. He is a very strange professor with a very strange profession. He is cloaked in mystery, and only one or two people in the castle know that he's there. His existence has nothing to do with the plot (unless you take a peek in the back of his bookshelf). He has a working relationship with Popo, Ron, and Hermione.

The Magioscientists: Bob, Ned, Rabina (and of course the Professor). They all have amiable yet rivalry-like relationships, mostly due to competition for funding. Bob hunts treas-*cough* sorry, secret passages, Ned works with all things high-tech, and Rabina delves into anything to do with magic. And don't ask about the manaporter. Really. Don't.

Malfoy: This prissy little jerk has rich parents and an arrogant streak a mile wide. He has an antagonistic relationship with Popo and his crew because he's really stupid and annoying. He has two cronies who are totally pointless and interchangeable. Their names are Crabbe and Goyle. As bright as they sound.

The Dursleys: Popo's mean half-family. They locked him in a cupboard. Needless to say, he dislikes them, and last time he saw them, they didn't look quite human.


Hogwarts School For Witchcraft and Wizardry: The school of myth and legend, although everyone knows legends are much bloodier close up, the heroes never look that good, and they do, actually, wear clothing all the time. Here, various teacher try to teach students who don't give a crap about anything at all. It is a free boarding school. This leads to...budget issues, needless to say.

The Parallel Worlds: Shhh! You're not supposed to go in those! One for Science, Treasure, Magic, and...um...something else...?


This is next to nonexistant and/or already known wide and far. There is a subplot, however, involving the tome of magic containing the spells that hold the world together, the school of Higher Magic Learning, and an odd book from the back of the Magioscientists' headquarters.

But the main plot, for those of you who don't know, is as follows: Popo lives with his mean half-family, learns of his startling destiny as a wizard, and learns of his parents killer, one Lord Voldemort. He attends wizard school, and gets a job with some odd Magioscientists. He endeavors to discover what a very large Cerberus-clone is guarding, and learns of a powerful and wondrous substance--the Philosopher's Stone. Which he thinks his evil teacher Snape is trying to use to resurrect the Dark Lord Voldemort to finish Popo for once and for all.

The reason this plot is so poor and already used is for one big reason: Nobody likes being distracted from a game by it's plot heavy content (ala http://rpgmaker.net/games/531/ ; Lament of a Pactkeeper ). This was basically me making a puzzly game with a plot that everyone knows and easily fun-poked.


There are a grand total of three (count 'em three) RTP battles in the game. This game is not about fighting. It is about solving some strange puzzles and exploring a strange world. Some puzzles require simple block shoving, and others are a little more action-based like minecart challenges or whack-a-mole, while others still are thinking puzzles, and still more are just plain crazy.


Most of the resources are RTP, while others are from the debunked Gaming Ground Zero. A fair amount of REFMAP makes an appearance as well, although sometimes as rips in custom chipsets. Oh yes, and more RTP and rips thereof. Music is all credited to VGmusic.com and its users. Most chipsets were ripped by myself. Use at your will.


bob_esc and that's about it.
psy_wombats did like two lines of code back '07, so I don't think that counts. And he probably doesn't want to be associated with this game either...

This has been a WombatRPGs Production. Visit us at http://www.wombatrpgs.tk for more games that are much better than this one. Or just check out http://rpgmaker.net/games/876/ ; Terra Nova.

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This should have been obvious for anyone with eyes! However, as a real, legitimate person now with real, legitimate games, I figured I should leave this here for anyone who enjoys looking where one of the great masters began. Or something. So have a chortle at my expense, but this game ain't going anywhere. Its staying for those of you who enjoy poking yourselves in the eye with a big stick.

Check out current projects like Man's Best Friend, Blockbound, or even The Crate Maze if you like games with only my input.
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Kinda reminds of some Harry Potter parodies like "Harry Potter & a Stone"
Still looks interesting.
The default sprites are a turn-off for me. Download some more. I have about two Harry Potter sprite sheets.
Huh. All of the sprites I saw made them look like tools.
They all ARE tools. Live with it. There's really no reason to use RTP sprites.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
very very boring sorry!
I'd just like to say that your game has a few moments that may cause a seizure, both in the same area with Unknown at the start. I'm just throwing a warning for safety measures for anyone who may play the game.
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