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Demon Destiny 1 Completed!

Well, i finally found some free time and decided to work hard on finishing it. Now i am happy i have finally finished it and can begin work on Demon Destiny 2.^^

If you would like to submit feedback for this game i would appreciate that whether it's game errors, praise, critiscm etc. Anyway, enjoy the game.


Progress Continuing

Progress has been started up again for Demon Destiny 1. The game should be still sticking to it's release date of this year but i will notify you if anything changes. I am currently thinking maybe August but i am not definent yet.

Anyway, i thank everyone for all the comments and playing the game. I will release some more info and screens etc soon.


Demon Destiny Update

The full version of Demon Destiny is coming along and has reached about 60% game completion. The earliest release date i could announce would be towards the start of 2008 but i am still not sure. I have been working hard at creating a new custom menu system as well as a battle system and am still developing this. This may be an all new change for the game but i am sure the full version will still come out next year. Below are probably some of the major features throughout the game.

Quests and Jobs.
Animations in battle and field.
Brand new Customised Menu System.
Character Namer.
Well designed World Map.
Unique and Powerful cutscenes.
Custom Battle System.
No Encounters or Random Encounters.
Custom Menu System.

More information will be released when the game is nearing completion.

Also, the official Demon Destiny site is now up fully running. Go there to check even more updates from the game and newest features added.



Game Features

When you read the 'Demon Destiny Update' log you will find a list of some of the major features in the game. Below is a detailed description on these features.

Quests and Jobs
Throughout the Demon Destiny world you will be able to embark on quests that people have asked of you. After sucessfully completing a quest you may earn a little reward. jobs is where you can go and hunt a beast and claim your reward off the petitioner who put up the petition. There are a total of 6 jobs that you can undertake and can be found in every Inn. The monsters range from easy difficulty up to hard difficulty and are not like a normal battle.

One of the main features that people look for in a game are the animations and this game provides it. Every map is filled with it's own animations and can be triggered by cutscenes, treasure and much more.

Customised Sub-Menu System
The Customised Menu System isn't exactly the main menu but it is actually a sub-menu. This brand new menu let's you look at things like skills, spells and items, quests and jobs and settings where you can configure the games settings.

Character Namer
Another feature in Demon Destiny is the character namer which let's you name your characters and let you feel like you are right in the action.

World Map
The World Map shows the entire country of Maluvet with all the destinations that you must visit or can visit. Loading the map from the main menu let's you look at your current position as well as teleport to locations you have already visited, making for easier travels.

Throughout the Demon Destiny game you will see many cutscenes that are from the main storyline as well as plenty of trigger cutscenes throughout the world. The cutscenes are very detailed and guarantee to not bore you.

Custom Battle System
The Custom Battle System is one of the newest features to the Demon Destiny game and let's you take control of your character and make your moves. From many swords, spears, bows you can customize your player and defeat your enemies. More will be released about this when the game is nearing completion.

The last of the newest features of Demon Destiny is the battles which is all throughout the game. Instead of normal encounters and random battles you can now fight monsters with your own weapons as well as use skills. This is thanks to the customised battle system.

Custom Menu System
The last last of the newest features to Demon Destiny is the new custom menu system. The design of it is very basic and easy to use and is sorta like the menu systems to the old Final Fantasy games. It does everything from using items to equipping weapons and armour to even changing your party.


Game Guide

As of now i am starting to create a game guide that will give you detailed information about the game. It includes:

Detailed Walkthrough on the game.
Guide on bonus features such as quests and jobs.
Detailed monster guide. (shows it's level, health and easier ways to defeat it.)
Plus much more...

This guide will not be available for the demo version, expect it to come when the full version is released some time in 2008.
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