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Diablocide X Unveiling

  • Craze
  • 03/20/2010 02:20 PM
Who the Hell knows if I'm actually going to work on this? Yeah, there are some pretty obvious errors in the screens below (the menu needs to be punched especially (THERE ARE ONLY NINE CHESTS IN THE ENTIRE GAME ZOMG/also how that info window stretches into the rearguard panel)), but this is seriously all WIP. I've been in a really horrible mood for a week, and AW has grown a bit distant due to Karsu and I's schedules not mating well, and so the remedy is obviously to write out all of the really depressing scenes in Diablocide... or should I say "Diablocide X?"

chaos/tardis: Yeah, well, I feel like there's no point in hiding it. (Everybody else: this was going to be secret until I finish it, and I'm still not going to release any demo(n)s, but I figure a little interest couldn't hurt.) Yeah, TAKE THAT KARSUMAN you don't draw enough rucian for the craze to keep focused (this is ignoring that like two and a half dungeons worth of maps are done as well as the AW battle system and yeah)

So maybe you guys will lift me out of this mini-depression? At least I got a lot of late-game scenes done. chaos can vouch for the potential nightmare fuel.

Zetha just owned Collin. Also, yeah, I know that LOLITA CASTS RUIN CAST sounds silly and that the battleback is too high. Alsoalso special thanks to tardis for some new shinies for various things (including an eventual compass-rose-thing I'm going to force out of him to make cluster attacks prettier (yes you now attack clusters with most spells and, like, Stefan's whip attack and Kristoph gets a column pierce and YEAH Yanfly is a pretty chill dude; Fighters now knock enemies into cluster areas because they're sexy like that (FELIX yay) and yeaaaah).



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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I'd never really thought about its story before but I really hope Demon Tower Diablocide (X?) handles demons in the same way that Berserk does, namely that they are the worst fucking thing EVER.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
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