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Knight's Tale

I wanted to try and code an ABS. When I started I noticed that the character graphic I wanted didn't fit in an charset. So I decided to make it picture based. Meaning the character and enemy is all pictures.
I might revisit it sometime and actually make a game out of it and update the battle system and add skills to player and enemy.

The features in this tech demo are:
*Monster and Hero is all pictures. That is I have no charsets for them (Idle, walk, attack all pictures).
*Custom controls. You can invert the X axis,Y axis, switch the attack with the decision key.

Default Controls:
Arrow keys - Walk
Shift - Attack
Enter - Decision keys
Esc- Option

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  • 08/28/2009 08:25 AM
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  • 08/29/2009
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This looks pretty slick.
Nice, my biggest problem though is that you can't move in succession. There's always a brief pause in movement whenever you walk. If this is a unavoidable setback, that's okay but if it can be fixed then it would greatly help.
This obviously needs some polishing and more work, but it looks nice and I'm sure it will look even better as you progress.

The pictures-as-charsets thing in RM2K/3 is a bit of a problem. Even if you do manage to do it well, you get new problems: now you have to use pictures in your maps too, and the limited number of pictures you can use also doesn't help very much. Anyway your use of pictures for sprites looks solid all in all, so I think you can pull it off.
I really hate the movement here, its so sluggish and terrible. When you engage the enemy its pretty much trading blows until one of you dies. I can give this ABS credit for actually having the character swing the sword rather than a sword animation being played on the enemy.

Just use some other program.
Like Darken said, the movement was clunky and slow. Battling was just standing next to the enemy and repeatedly pressing shift. RPGMaker wasn't meant for a game like this.
I also recommend changing the attack key from shift to something else wise bc shift also triggers a computer lock function
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