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"Would you stake your life on a world that cannot be saved?"

Version 1.07 - Released May 4th, 2012

-Strategic turn-based battles reward careful positioning and smart actions over brute force.
-No typical HP/MP drudgery - Instead, battlers have Body, Mind, and Soul ratings that serve as both health and fuel for special abilities. Knocking any of them to zero means defeat, so heroes beware!
-No level grinding or money hoarding!
-Diverse elemental and weapon-versus-armor system for all sorts of exploitative goodness.
-Structured mission-based gameplay means you'll never have to wander around figuring out where to go next.
-Oh, and no random encounters either, because, seriously.
-Over a dozen colorful characters to recruit and train.
-20+ hours of adventure - multiple secrets, sidequests, and endings!

TV Tropes Page available here! Here be spoilers!

Unofficial Official Wiki available here! Here be spoilers too!

Fanfiction here! Spoilers?! You better believe it!

A play-by-play commentary at Dragon Quill! - Spoilers, slowly but surely!

Text of the entire in-game glossary! Note: Link is working again as of 4/11/14.

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Featured in the RPG Maker Bundle #1!


The Reconstruction was featured alongside a few really great games on the RPG Maker Web main site! Here is the link: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/23772-rpg-maker-free-game-bundle/

If you're reading this, you probably already played it ages ago, but I want to express my gratitude regardless! So, thanks for the positive buzz and whatnot that made this possible!
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  • Tactics Strategy RPG
  • 09/02/2009 05:06 PM
  • 06/07/2015 01:39 PM
  • 09/03/2009
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You're welcome. The only suggestion I have so far for other games you may make is to use less of those RMXP tracks that you keep hearing in just about any RMXP game.
doesn't live here anymore
I understand completely! I haven't played a lot of them so they still seemed new and exciting to me. And the Sonicfire tracks I made were using the standard sound sets that the software comes with, as I was far too cheap to buy any expansion packs, so those were rather limited in quantity.

I did score a pretty good keyboard and software off woot.com a short time ago, however, so I'll be making my own music in any future excursions.
This looks awesome! Kind of reminds me of a kind of tactics game, at a first glance.
Can't wait until the beast is finished downloading so I can PLAY. =D

I think I may have found a bug near the end. I was doing that memory-path thing on the Minor Pillars section (in wherever the hell you happen to be at that point, up in the sky I guess), when one of my characters made a misstep (YES IT WAS HIM NOT ME. >_>) and landed somewhere he wasn't supposed to. I assume he was supposed to land on the little ledge just below, but instead he landed just above where he was allowed to walk and couldn't move. Not too disappointing since I have a save close to there, but it made me unable to complete the thing and forced me to restart.

Still an extremely amazing game you have here, though.
doesn't live here anymore
Thanks for the update! I'll go through and double check all those tiles and see if I can fix the offending one. That little area is a mess of switches so it's no surprise I slipped up on one. I wasn't planning on another revision for a while but if enough little things crop up then I may just have to!
Hey, everyone!

I'm having trouble beating Tatzylvurm. He keeps spamming Jarring Roar, and I can't get close to him so that I can hit him. Does anyone know how to beat it? Thanks.

EDIT: I got him! Now, I'm just trying to figure out where the sidequest in Kir'ssha is. I don't want to miss it, since I can't go back once I leave. Any help? Thanks!
doesn't live here anymore
Congrats! He's a sort-of superboss, so luck is definitely a factor.

Also I responded to your private message, but for anyone else, the "mystery" quest listing in Chapter 5 is actually a bug. There's only the one in Kir`Ssha. Sorry 'bout that.
This game is very charming, I like it so far.
You know, although I am totally late to this party and everything, I just wanted to say that I really, really like what you've done with this game
I'm not finished with this game yet, (I'm at Sanctifel ^^) but I find the story very interesting, and the battle system challenging and fun.

My favourite thing about this game is Dehl. It's the most atypical hero I've ever seen in any rpg, commercial or otherwise. So polite, so serene. So...not human. :D
doesn't live here anymore
Thanks a lot! Lizardmen always get the bad rap, so I wanted to do something different. Glad you're enjoying it!
Uuuuuh, I tried to find a walkthrough and failed, so I'm posting my gameplay question here.
See, my guild level is 30, and I completed every quest I've seen but the one at wadassia about the guy who wants three parts of an object. (I know, ridiculous)
I can't find the disks. I have no idea of where they are. Where they in a mission that's not repeatable and it means that I'm basically, um, out of luck?

Otherwise, where is iiiiiiit? Could you tell me?

(And once more. Dehl. Best main character I've seen in a long time.)
doesn't live here anymore
If I'm remembering right (oh God I hope I am), that's in a sack in the city itself; point to it with the arrow and you'll pick them up.

It's also a lonnnng quest line, fair warning!
From the Real Motivational thread...fanart!
I don't know if you'll like it, but here it is, anyway. :D

Thanks for making such a good game, and thanks for answering my question! :)
doesn't live here anymore
Oh wow, those are great! I love the style! (I wish I could draw with any capacity.)
I've just finished it ! My first thought after the endscreen : the story may actually be even more enjoyable due to having played IMTS beforehand (especially the ending with the sixteenth character, of course), even though it obviously removes some elements of surprise.

Other than that, you must have heard it a hundred times already, but I suffered a bit from the slow pacing at the beginning, with so few narrative developments during the first two hours - there was a point where I stuck with it only because I was convinced that it would get more exciting later, and it sure did. This is to be expected of a deconstruction of fantasy RPG tropes, but I was truly relieved when the story moved beyond pest extermination and general uninvolved do-gooding.

Fortunately, the writing started good and ended great, and the protagonists just kept growing more and more interesting, so I was well rewarded for my perseverance ! I have to agree with ludeshka : Dehl's personality and the way he matures throughout the game is one of the most remarkable aspects of this story. I was even a bit pained to see him make certain choices in the last two chapters, which tells a lot about how much he'd grown on me.
Many other characters had their own moments of awesome as well, and I really liked the way they became more detailed, through their interactions and their special quests. Also, I can't believe how long it took me to realize what Tehgonan's last name was !

The overall mixture of enacted and avoided clich├ęs was really fun, as it became hard to know whether any situation or character would turn out as expected, or the opposite, or something in between. Antagonists tended to be quite good in that respect, some being played completely straight and others noticeably less so.

Finally, the setting was rather detailed but less convincing than in IMTS, due to following the common (almost claustrophobic IMO) feeling in fantasy that we're looking at a "pocket universe",a small set of sceneries rather than a true, fully fleshed out world. I guess that one guy in Wadassia would agree, so it's more a feature than a problem (the initiated will get my meaning).
If I dare say so, you've appreciably improved in the way you handle your infodumps between The Reconstruction and its prequel : here, I never found the courage to read the entire glossary.

As for the gameplay, the frequent use of multiple characters in quest mode was really nice ; other than that, I think most of the changes leading to IMTS were in the right direction. The same goes for the visuals and interface of course, your sprites and decors and everything have markedly improved, though they were already quite nice. On the audio side, the musics were good, and once again I have to say it's really impressive to think you handled every aspect of the game yourself.

Overall, if I had to write a review (and I must admit this message is almost one), I'd give it something like four stars : still one of the very few RM games I would suggest to anyone outside the community, and a complete, solid and addictive game. Yet IMTS is an improvement on all fronts that could possibly be improved (even the pacing, although I'd still appreciate a lil' more narrative meat, as the end of The Reconstruction demonstrates that you're fully able to do it).
doesn't live here anymore
I am secretly delighted that you stuck with it! It is kind of obviously an RPG Maker first-attempt all around, which I make no effort to hide. Maybe I'll remake it in a (less laggy) engine some day with IMTS' combat improvements.

I guess I'm kind of averse to direct narratives. That's probably why I never introduce the actual big bad until the very end. I don't consider the conflict as important as the characters themselves, but I definitely have things to consider more closely now. Thanks for your mini-review!
Haha well I'm certainly not one to oppose original narrative structures, and yours could even be better suited to the videogame medium than the usual JRPG scheme IMHO, but sometimes the gameplay sections seemed a bit too disconnected from any kind of plot advancement whatsoever. At least in IMTS most missions are somewhat motivated by story elements ; I like it when narrative and gameplay go hand in hand. Even if it's just about the characters (and it can very well be, most TV shows run like this and some are great), it's nice to feel that each mission brings some evolution, else the situation seems a bit static.

But I'm probably more narrative-obsessed than most players (it even hampers my willingness to play story-less games nowadays)
By the way, sorry that this is completely out of the blue (I don't know why I didn't ask this earlier), but Deltree, was any of the social commentary in this game intentional? (I read the Fortian Councillords -- a small group of powerful and wealthy individuals who are only powerful and wealthy because of a monopoly on an extremely important resource, who try to stifle anything that could undermine that monopoly, especially alternative sources of energy -- as analogous to greedy oil corporations, and the Kir'Sshans are obviously religious fundamentalists, which I, as an atheist, can definitely see as a big problem in today's world.) Or am I just reading way too much into things, as usual?
doesn't live here anymore
All valid comparisons! I figure fantasy stories are full of that stuff, in a "history repeats itself" kind of way. Not intentional as much as subliminally inspired, though.
On an unrelated note, I'm trying to think of a good quote for the footer of the TV Tropes article. I made a post on the discussion page, but no one ever goes there so my request for ideas was ignored, which is why I'm posting here. Can anyone think of a good quote from the game that would work as a "final thought" for the tropes article? I was thinking it should be more idealistic than the opener, which is currently the rather bleak "Would you stake your life on a world that cannot be saved?", but it can be anything, really.