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"Would you stake your life on a world that cannot be saved?"

Version 1.07 - Released May 4th, 2012

-Strategic turn-based battles reward careful positioning and smart actions over brute force.
-No typical HP/MP drudgery - Instead, battlers have Body, Mind, and Soul ratings that serve as both health and fuel for special abilities. Knocking any of them to zero means defeat, so heroes beware!
-No level grinding or money hoarding!
-Diverse elemental and weapon-versus-armor system for all sorts of exploitative goodness.
-Structured mission-based gameplay means you'll never have to wander around figuring out where to go next.
-Oh, and no random encounters either, because, seriously.
-Over a dozen colorful characters to recruit and train.
-20+ hours of adventure - multiple secrets, sidequests, and endings!

TV Tropes Page available here! Here be spoilers!

Unofficial Official Wiki available here! Here be spoilers too!

Fanfiction here! Spoilers?! You better believe it!

A play-by-play commentary at Dragon Quill! - Spoilers, slowly but surely!

Text of the entire in-game glossary! Note: Link is working again as of 4/11/14.

Latest Blog

Featured in the RPG Maker Bundle #1!


The Reconstruction was featured alongside a few really great games on the RPG Maker Web main site! Here is the link: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/23772-rpg-maker-free-game-bundle/

If you're reading this, you probably already played it ages ago, but I want to express my gratitude regardless! So, thanks for the positive buzz and whatnot that made this possible!
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  • Deltree
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Tactics Strategy RPG
  • 09/02/2009 05:06 PM
  • 06/07/2015 01:39 PM
  • 09/03/2009
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this sounds like a game i have been waiting for for a while.
doesn't live here anymore
Guten tag!

I tried uploading the new version twice last night, and both times the page ended in a 404 error after about thirty minutes. I'm also getting the 500 server error if I try the download link.

I'm sorry for the delay for some of you guys; I'll try the upload again right now. It usually takes a half hour for the upload to finish; if it's successful this time I'll post to the blog saying so.
It's alright, I downloaded it from RRR. You could try linking to that same Megaupload download if it doesn't work.
Argh, I need a new computer. This game ran fine until I got into battle, at which point it slowed to an absolute CRAWL. It's totally unplayable to me, and this is really upsetting because it looks like such a great game. =<
doesn't live here anymore
That's strange. Make sure you're not running it in high-priority mode; some folks had a similar problem with that a while back.

If you're not, try switching to it and see if it helps. You might get lucky!
High-priority mode? At the risk of sounding like an idiot, what's that?
doesn't live here anymore
If you're running Windows XP, run Game.exe and hit CTRL+ALT+Delete to bring up the task manager and hit the Processes tab. Find "Game.exe" in the list and right click it, mouse to "Set Priority", and then click High. You can also press F1 in the game and uncheck Smoothing mode on the menu; that might help.
Looks pretty cool. Downloading it now.
When I try to unzip it it comes up with an error... maybe I shouldn't use winrar...
doesn't live here anymore
I made the archive with the regular Windows XP compression tool; I can't imagine why that wouldn't work unless the download is corrupted. If it still doesn't work let me know and I'll try uploading it again (or in the meantime you can try the alternate download in my post above).
I don't know if this is because of my crappy computer, but I often get the "Script is hanging" error when using keys like F12, Alt + Enter, or Alt + Tab. I wonder why?
doesn't live here anymore
Never seen that one. And I'm running on a three-year-old laptop.

I reckon it's time I look into some optimization tricks for the next version!
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
This. Win.
Look at the message i sent you. there's an error about the game :'(
doesn't live here anymore
Got it; looking in to it now, I'll message you back shortly!
I remember playing the demo and couldn't wait for more. Now I finally get to play the full game! :D
doesn't live here anymore
Hey Hima, glad you're still around! Lots of stuff has changed since the demo (I think that was almost two years ago, sheesh), so I'd advise against using your old save file if you still have it.
I just finished your game, with all characters recruited. Now, I usually don't care for 'Amateur' RPG's all that much. They tend to just not be all that enjoyable compared to commercial RPG's, or independent RPG's. This one, on the other hand, was AMAZING. Simply put, it was an engrossing experience, so much that I might even write a Review someday. Good job man, and if this is the only RPG you'll ever make, then that's all right, for this was certainly a good one.
"They tend to just not be all that enjoyable compared to commercial RPG's, or independent RPG's."

I meant to say "...or some independent RPG's."
doesn't live here anymore
Thanks a lot! It's quite reassuring that folks can finish it and enjoy themselves without getting disinterested or bogged down. (Well, 1 in 1054 at least!)

I'm hoping this won't be my last game, though I've been playing around with the Construct engine lately and it can do some groovy things, so I'll have to see where I go next. Might not be RMXP or RMVX, though I'll continue supporting this game (and the community as best I can) for a while yet.