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Version 1.05 is here!

  • Deltree
  • 10/18/2009 10:51 PM
¡Buenas noches!

I've uploaded version 1.05. Here is a brief list of everything that has changed. I'd recommend updating to this one, as it's fixed a lot of things - especially if you haven't updated since the first version. I decided not to implement the difficulty change, as it wasn't worth the amount of effort involved, and definitely has absolutely nothing to do with me playing Uncharted 2 all week.

-Fixed several issues with the quests "Cries of the Land" and "To Ascend".
-There was a bug that skewed passive skill upgrades to requiring more Skill Points than Mana Points. This will be corrected if you begin a new game (the values are now equal for each upgrade), but due to the nnature of the data involved, current saves can't be amended. Not a big deal.
-Fixed an issue where certain passive skill names weren't consistent.
-A decent number of dialog additions and typo fixes.

Shout-out to Fool at the RRR forums for extreme bug-busting prowess.

Mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SCP67YGY