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Version 1.06b Available

  • Deltree
  • 11/18/2011 06:26 PM
This version has minor cosmetic changes; there is no need to re-download the whole thing unless you have time to kill!

-Fixed a DLL error that could occur for new players. Note: The game.ini file determines which DLL to use; it is now switched back to version 102 because 104 caused the box glitch in the text and doesn't seem to actually affect anything otherwise. The folder includes both files, so you are free to change between 102 and 104 if you notice problems with one or the other, but it's staying as 102 by default.
-Got rid of those little boxes showing up on certain screens.
-Fixed an assortment of typos and minor cosmetic things.
-Fixed one of Zargos' support bonuses.
-Removed a potential spoiler from the achievements screen.
-A record for the quest "The Herding" should now appear on the achievements screen.
-Fixed a bug where "Ease Suffering" was being shown as a green skill. It is correctly marked as blue in battle now.


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Good, I'm glad you caught that! Thanks for caring about the little details. :) I will update the TV Tropes page accordingly.
doesn't live here anymore
Yes, it is just "Violet Sands Area" now.
Is the potential spoiler

the mention of Kir'Ssha in the chapter 5 section?
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