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Q: How do I save my progress?

A: Point to your guild manager in Quest Mode (he will have a yellow "!" bubble overhead), select Records / Save Progress, and then Save Progress.

Q: How do I level up my characters?

A: Characters who participate in combat gain three kinds of experience: Health Essence, Clarity Essence, and Piety Essence. All surviving characters share this experience whenever an enemy is defeated, so fewer allies will garner more essence. To spend essence, point to your guild manager in Quest Mode and choose Manage Roster, then Train Characters. Use the arrow keys up and down to select a stat to train, or use the cycle keys to switch between characters in the guild. Press the Action key to train a stat up by one point if enough essence exists. Note that to train the next stat in the same family will cost more (100 more for an attack or defense stat, and 1000 more for a health stat). Stats cannot be trained past 100, though this cap can be broken through Support and passive skill bonuses.

Skills and abilities are improved similarly, using Skill Points and Mana Points which are gained by acting in battle. Characters have five active abilities which are used in battle, and two passive abilities which have differing effects as they are improved. Supporting characters will gain essence and skill/mana points alongside the character they are supporting, but at a much lower rate. There is no downside to having a character support another, but only one character can support an active hero at a time.

Q: Can I repeat quests to try for a faster time or better score?

A: If a quest giving NPC has a blue "!" thought bubble, his or her quest can be repeated. Otherwise, the quest is a one-time event. You will be told before accepting whether a quest is repeatable or not.

Q: How do I leave a hunting area or quest location?

A: Have a character talk to your guild manager near the starting/safe point of the map. Most of the time you will be given the option to escape. Usually you will be allowed to return to the quest or map when desired as well.

Q: How do I buy new equipment and items?

A: Equipment is fixed for your allies; however, there are some optional upgrades available after your guild has gained sufficient power. There are no healing or status curing items, though status effects will be removed after a battle. Health regenerates at different rates depending on the character.

Q: What happens if my party loses a battle?

A: If it's a non-boss fight, typically your allies will escape or be rescued and reappear at the area's safe point (represented by a floating shield). Additionally, allies that were in groups will be split apart and must be reformed if desired. Note that some more sensitive quests and battles will force a game over or restart of the quest upon loss. "Boss" battles will always automatically gather all active allies to participate. If your party is defeated by a boss, you will be given the option to try again, sacrificing any further essence gained. The battle will restart with full health for all participants. Declining to try again will result in a game over.

Q: I'm near the end of the game, but I have blank spots in my roster! Am I boned?

A: Oh ho ho, don't be silly. Unless you've crossed the very definitely final threshold (you'll know when you do), not a single character is "missable." If you're really stuck, consult the non-spoiler character recruitment guide included with the game. It will help you fill in those gaps.


-You don't need to fight with a full party of six all the time. You can take on most enemies with just one or two well-chosen allies. For instance, if you know you'll be fighting enemies that are susceptible to Mind damage or slashing attacks, group your allies appropriately. Essence is divided among allies who participate in a battle whenever an enemy is defeated, so the fewer the better!

-In addition, you can save time by having multiple groups when seeking out objectives - you won't have to backtrack.

-Not all pickups you find will be advantageous when consumed. Some may have side effects; some may be traps. Do you feel lucky?

-Be wary of the stars. Elements, weapons, and armor types with a star by the name such as " Heavy * " do NOT have the typical weakness associated with them. Plan accordingly.

-Tough but fair? You won't get a game over if you lose to a boss on your first attempt. In fact, you can try again right then and there without having to repeat the previous dungeon! You'll lose out on a boatload of essence if you do this, though.

-Don't neglect elemental enchantments. With a little planning, your allies can easily inflict ridiculous amounts of damage, even early on. It's not cheap; it's effective!

-Rush in to things. On the same note, using the RUSH command rarely has negative consequences. On the plus side, it'll boost your damage while weakening your enemies! Great for boss fights.

-If you're having trouble denting a stubborn foe, try slinging out some spells to make the Chain grow. By the time it reaches 20 or so links, even your regular melee attacks will put out some serious hurt. Be patient!


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so do the bonus objectives do anything...like have actual benefit, (money/character progression) or do they exist for bragging rights only. im having a fuckton of trouble with the very first boss fight, because i avoided fighting anything grabbed the powder and telescope, and made it there in less than a minute. so im wondering if i should have just killed everything?
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