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Some new music

  • sven
  • 12/10/2011 04:22 PM
I have recorded a bit of new music and re-recorded a couple of the old songs over the weekend, here are a couple examples:

New battle theme
- As much as I liked the old battle theme, I probably won't be able to use it in the final game due to licensing issues (I thought I had that all cleared up for that song, but apparently the original composer differs on that). So this is what the battles will probably sound like from now on - quite a bit heavier and more metal-like, but I think that fits the game's atmosphere just fine.

- minimalist techno tune, you get to hear it after finishing a quest where you have to help out the band with the lyrics. It's meant to loop, so it ends a bit suddenly.

The Plains of Spain
- a bit of Spanish guitar for, well, you guessed it, the Spain map.

What do you think?